The new Duelyst Wiki report - August 2018



It has been some months since the last [wiki appeal / report] (, so it is time for another one to show you what we achieved till then and to ask for your support!
The wiki is a very important tool for this community and especially for new players looking for help or information. The wiki has come a long way and is still improving. But to keep up with the expansions and the new possible interactions between all the cards we need your help!

What is new on the wiki?

-We have a new improved template for card pages (thanks @mycroft92 and @bepoest , which displays the rarity not only as image but as word (as suggested after the last wiki appeal). It also shows the card’s text written out with links to other cards or keywords (now you don’t need to be able to read the card’s image). Another little improvement is the addition of a lot of new categories at the end of the page to have a quick and easy overview of certain card categories like minion / spell / artifact, faction, set. And finally since the rotation every page needed to have the information if that card is allowed in Standard or not which we had to take out just a few days after we had updated the whole wiki.

  • All new cards introduced with Trials of Mythron are on the wiki inclusive images.

  • All faction pages are updated with the new cards

  • the expansion pages display the cards themselves now example

  • All generals’ mk2 skins are uploaded, some of the special ones we don’t have yet

  • a page about deck archetypes in Duelyst (which can be improved on)

  • all emotes , card backs and skins can be found on the wiki now

  • all boss’ pages got their gif animations and card image (had to download the images manually from the news articles)

  • we added the information to tokens’ pages from which cards they are summoned / created example

  • @bepoest created a bot to get the cards’ gif files and upload them to the wiki, more and more of these are coming online

Right now some of our long term projects are:

  • always adding interactions to cards, either found by yourself or by some post on reddit, discord or forum (this example lead to this entry )

  • always checking for spelling and formatting errors or outdated information

  • adding strategies and archetypes to all the generals’ pages

And for that we need your help!

It is pretty easy to work with the wiki / gamepedia and it isn’t a big time commitment to do some edits at all! After a few tries you find quickly out how to do edits on the fly and the help pages are also very good. Most stuff is self explanatory. And if not you can always ask us :slight_smile: Don’t worry about messing stuff up, we check recent changes and there is also a rollback function if it all went terribly wrong :wink:

The wiki needs its community to participate in order to be the tool that the community needs and the more people contributing means the faster we can develop the wiki and the less work it is for everyone involved.
If you are interested in supporting us and the community or are just curious what we are doing, please feel free to join our Discord server or message me here!

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the wiki in the past and will do so in the future, also thanks to Thanatos (even though you are gone) and the Gamepedia team!

The Wiki Team (Boronian, mycroft92, eTruck, bepoest)


I have set some wrong things right, at your request:


Haha a great addition and exactly what I expected from you :smiley: Thanks for it!


I woke up this morning with the determination to make the Gibbet page an encyclopedia by itself. @whyb0t can I plagiarize some of your comments on it for the wiki?


thank you for this. the wiki has been very helpful when it comes to deckbuilding.


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