The Nerfs and Buffs I would make to Duelyst


No minion Artifact Songhai existed in beta,It was one of the things Grincher was known for playing. Of course it doesn’t exist in the same form the build died when they nerf mask of shadows.But it came back again when they made cresent spear then stuff like bangle and mantra cemented it.


In this case, I’m specifically referring to blinding strike cyclone decks.


Once again your opinion of fun is not everyone opinion is fun I think sports is fun,some people think reading is fun.Neither person is wrong. Some people like no minion decks and kiting,some people like fatigue decks and milling decks,some people like control,some people like aggro .Fun is different things

Also the was point Cyclone Mask and Mask of Shadows was the first version and point he was making it was here from the beginning .We are taking about artifact focus decks with few minions or no minions.


I believe we talked. And I have to admit, I’m OK playing both as and against solo decks.

Well, it’s very satisfactory to finally catch kiting Hai at least.

Hm, and also everybody’s love or hate for something is often not important enough for the game development. At least, it shouldn’t be the only argument.


I think the “unfun” argument is only valid when it is shared by the very large majority of the community, which typically happens only in case of really broken cards.

Personally, I find swarm more boring to play against than solo decks, but I have nothing against current swarm decks. If I find too many of them, I just play Magmar and collect free wins. Solo decks can be similarly countered by strong board presence


Grandmaster zendo: same ability, 4 mana 4/2.


4 mana Zendo would be op, even with 2 hp.


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