The Mystery Unit


The Mystery Unit. This is how it has been dubbed by the devs themselves. It’s written there.

It has the design of a Vetruvian unit. Could it be the Grand Master ?
Let’s say it’s a Vetruvian.
Is it an android, like Scioness Sajj ? It sure looks like it.

It has no visible flesh. Its head looks even less human than Zirix. Although he doesn’t look very human.

But there is something that bothers me. Yes. It has been confirmed neutral my friends. I have hacked through their servers, I have— Nope. Not at all. I just downloaded the image and saw its name : “counterplaygames-characters-neutralephor” .
Its name then is “Ephor” .
And it is Neutral.
What could it be then ?


I am confident it will be released in the next expansion that is coming this year.
What will be its effect ? No one knows. But whatever it is, I want it.

Edited the Unit’s name because I made a mistake


I have seen quite a few threads about this guy…
I think he just never made it into the game *shrugs


Well, that could be an answer but… I don’t think so. In their sprite showcasing videos, where its sprite is shown and that came out way before the game, they showed Shim’zar units. We could have said the same for them but they actually made it in.


My gold is on Rasha! Vetruvian-looking character associated with neutrals? Definitely rasha

Also, I have already made a topic about this guy and a couple of his little friends: you can see his(?) attack animation here


Hmm. It could be. But it’s really strange that they named it “neutralphor” . And also, if I got it right, Rasha is dead. I doubt they’d take a dead character and make it a card.


I think its Scion himself.
What if Scion is actually a false god/deity thing made by Zirix to subjugate people.

(completely random thought and I havent even read the last half of the codex so idk if anything contradicts that)


Nothing contradicts that. Actually, we don’t even know what or who is Scion.


what/whoever it is, I really hope Nicola Saviori tweaks him before they release, especially if he is the grandmaster.
I really think it’s on the low-end on what Saviori is able to make, I find his design very poor and his physical appearance lacking any sort of visual link to the vetruvian faction.

Compared to what he does to this day and the insane job he’s pulled out for Shim’zar, if he is to be an important unit, I really hope he revisits the design.
I absolutely abhorre it in its current state.
That said, I’m still a huge fan of Saviori and he is one of my two self entitled mentor.



4 cost, 4/4. When this minion attacks, yell “Phoooorrrrrr” and Phor does 1 damage to target window near a golf course.


10/10 Im dying of laughter


Oh this card! Yea this card is Text redacted, must leave discoverable


Nooo, why are you doing this to us T_T


We have to disagree here ! I find the design epic !


To all their taste I guess 8D I mean no disrespect, Saviori is one of my gods.


That I had guessed :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? what set you on tracks? xD


Well, you said it XD



The name of this unit should be “Ephor” . I just missed that there was an e lol


I think the really important question is, what’s his fancy codpiece covering?


Well, huh, it confirms it’s a male ? So many things pointing to Rasha but I wan’t to believe it’s something else.