The most lion deck in Duelyst


Hey guys, for a few days now I’ve been practicing and perfecting an insanely lion-y lion deck. Ever since Grove Lion came out I knew this card could be broken and be abused into one of the craziest decks Duelyst has seen. If you played back in november when combo mag was killing you on 8 mana every turn with 3 8 attack elucidators, just wait until you see lions on 6 mana every game with this deck, which you can’t even prevent with provokes because lions are scary. I wanted a few tournament wins before posting it, but I kept having irl issues come up in the middle of the day (lions keep attacking me), so I never got the chance even tho i was winning my matches consistently with the deck.

It’s the most lion deck in the game, because it can literally just run 30(ish) lion cards and get away with it. There’s like 10(ish) different lions that end the game by 6 mana, because lions are scary.

I think this is the most lion deck I’ve ever made/played in Duelyst, so enjoy. The only thing I’ve ever played that came close or was better was old songhai fox otks in december. But we all know that foxes aren’t lions, so they’re garbage. . It’s pretty optimized, and it’s a lion deck so don’t replace buff cards, Azurite Lion, Grove Lion, or E’xun ever. If you have no previous experience with lion decks it’s probably not going to work for you very well though.

The deck is one of the main reasons I was happy to see Grove Lion printed, because the second a card like Grove Lion is printed it instantly breaks the game.

Now, let me introduce you to a deck that would make Siegfried and Roy jump for joy.

I call it… Lionar.

How I feel after that glorious pun:

So here is the deck list:


The list is pretty standard Argeon shenanigans. Tempo out your opponent. The difference here is that we pray to Allah, The Lord, God, The Heavenly Father, Jehova, Parvardigar, Krishna, or Buddha that the enemy doesn’t have dispels so you can use forcefield to outvalue your opponents with spells like Afterblaze, and Roar.

The list is pretty self explanatory. Azurite Lion, Grove Lion, E’xun, and Z’ir all get slots in the deck, because they’re lions, or ride a lion. It just makes sense, the whole deck falls apart into a rumbling heap without those guys. Sapphire Seer and Sunsteel Defender are in the deck so that E’xun and Grove Lion don’t feel weird that they’re different from Azurite Lion and Z’ir’s mount. You have to keep the lions happy. Everything else is just standard Lionar (heh) stuff.

Notable exclusions is Saberspine Tiger, because he can’t even grow up and be a lion. He’s a tiger, man. What is he even doing with his life? If you wanted to totally invalidate the deck, you could replace Primus Shieldmaster for Saberspine Tiger. It would probably fail though, because the memeness of the deck would plummet. So it’s up to you, do you want to meme or do you want to win more? If you choose the latter, just remember that I warned you.

edit: I caved and added Saberspine Tiger. :frowning: Sapphire Seer wasn’t pulling her weight. Also changed Ironcliffe for Kron

How has Grove Lion tested for you?

dank lions

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I lost to this deck twice in a row in ladder today


You forgot to mention that if the opponent is allergic to cats, you immediately win :smiley:


hahahahah awesome, i was thinking about making a lion deck earlier today too hehe :slight_smile:

oh and umm…

lion, lion, yaaaay!!!



you forgot to include dawn’s eye, which is a fake lion head


fake lion

Well then that’s just a lie of a lion, and Lyonar doesn’t rely-on lying.


But its Lie-onar
They act all defensive until they drop a DB on their ICG and smash your face in with it :3


Alright, first off, Im Muslim, but since you said nothin offensive, Ill let it slide. Second, I play Vet, I have more dispells than you could ever imagine.


No repulsor beast and no saberspine, not enough kitty/10


This thread is so awfully forced and unfunny it’s actually making me uncomfortable.

Here’s 2/10 for effort.



That’s the entire joke, raqyee. You’ve figured out comedy and its subjectiveness, I’m proud of you.


The crossbeams have gone askew on the trebble :slight_smile:



So it was your intention making the thread as shitty as possible? Sorry man, it was an honest mistake. Considering everything I’ve seen people post, it’s often really hard to tell. Maybe I should start having more faith in people.


Or maybe stop posting your negative opinion all over the place as if anyone really wants to hear it.

You didn’t appreciate the style of comedy the post was in, that’s great, man! Can’t please everyone. But that doesn’t mean you need to come into the thread and put people down because you personally didn’t enjoy it.


No Slo or Fiz? I’m disappointed.


You forgot to include Arclyte + Dawns Eye xD