The Monolith Fair's Community Poll- CDC 2018 #5


The panel of jurors have deliberated and selected their nominations for the top prizes. Now it is time for the public to decide which nomination to be rewarded as the most innovated.

Of course there are rules to voting which are as follows:

  • You may not vote for yourself. Anyone who does this and doesn’t change the vote passed the end of the deadline is disqualified

  • Jury members are not allowed to vote

  • You may vote up to two (2) submissions.

  • Please vote for the nomination itself, not the creator of said nomination.

That being said, this poll will be closed on Saturday, November 10th at 11:59 pm. Afterwards, prizes will be rewarded and a new jury will be selected.

Here are your nominations:

by @thematsjo

Hunting Hawk (niklaren)

Hunting Hawk
Vanar Minion
2 Mana 2/2
Infiltrate : +2 Atk
Zeal : +1 Hp

Naming (7/10)

The name is very straightforward and says exactly what it is. Not especially original, but I think that’s fitting for a vanilla 2-drop.

Wording (8/10)

The wording is very clear, but should’ve been cleaned up. The formatting goes “: Gains +X Attack/Health”. It shouldn’t be referring to “Atk” or “Hp”. I’ll be lenient because it’s súch an easy fix but the sloppiness is noted.

Balance (35/35)

I think this is an excellent card for the game. Playing this out on P1T1 gives Vanar players a 4/2 attacker that can cut down on early value engines, and as a 4/3 later in the game it’s on par with a Crystal Cloaker when adjacent to the General. Flying is Balanced by the conditional HP and lack of Vespyr keyword; it’s all in all an extremely elegant, useful card that will have opponents fighting even more to keep Vanar of their side of the field so they can’t bump up their Hawk.

Creativity (38/45)

I’m big on themes coming through in mechanisms, and Hunting Hawk does it very well. Infiltrate pushes you to play forward, Zeal pushes you to stay back, excellently mimicking the reach the hawk gives to their General, but at the cost of the hawk’s longevity. Imagine it flying to and fro on the battlefield and you get what’s being represented. Zeal and Infiltrate are key Faction keywords that are integrated well into the card. Contests like these tend to reward overly expensive and flashy cards but I think that this is about as flashy as you can get with cheap cards before you start sacrificing balance. The concept is kind of obvious and doesn’t have any further twist (it’s “just” a hunting hawk) so I’m not going with full marks, but it’s great nonetheless.

Total: (88/100)

Suntide Priestess (mrwavey)

Suntide Priestess
Lyonar Minon
5 Mana (3/3)
Deathwatch : Transform that space into Hallowed Ground.

Naming (8/10)

The Suntide Priestess alongside the Maiden starts giving off a very matriarchal vibe from the Suntide temples within the Lyonar Kingdoms which could be cool, but it’s very obvious to just pick one of the existing clan names and stick it on a new card. Priestess, however, fits especially well with this card; I can just imagine her performing a little rite for all the dead (regardless of allegiance) that she comes across to help ensure their passing to their afterlives.

Wording (8/10)

It’s almost perfect, it should’ve read "Turn that/its space into Hallowed Ground . Points off for carelessness, but structurally sound.

Balance (20/35)

I think the effect of the card is very useful, and might actually push the use of Fortified Assault somewhat, but I think that the card is too expensive for what it does. 5 Mana is a steep price to pay for a 3/3 that’s not guaranteed to do anything at all. Hallowed Ground is okay, but it’s not thát the much better the more you have of it. There ís a potential issue with using this card in and against Token decks, so I think it’d be even better if it were only to trigger against non-Token minions, although the way this card directly counters some Creep strategies and all Exhuming Sand can also be a design asset. I think this design could’ve been pushed, but if CPG were to release more cards that get better the more HG you have that’d definitely change. For now, a fair card that’s too fair.

Creativity (45/45)

Life and death are expertly linked in this design, and I think the mental image this card promotes is absolutely excellent. There’s not much more to say that I didn’t mention under the Naming section.

Total: (81/100)

Malicious Strategist (doleman)

Malicious Strategist
Epic Lyonar Minion
4 mana (3/4)
Deathwatch : Promote a friendly minion except Malicious Strategist.

Naming (7/10)

This minion isn’t actually a strategist, it’s a tactician who uses the deaths of both friends and foes to develop new strategies for victories in ways that even the player might not understand. I think Malicious Tactician would’ve been a slightly better name (and it rolls of the tongue), but most people will get the flavor for this card right away.

Wording (9/10)

The wording is fine overall, but the card could’ve made it explicit that the friendly minion is chosen at random, and “Promote” isn’t bolded on Strategos so it shouldn’t be here. Minor nitpicks though.

Balance (18/35)

I like the design of this card but it’s very random and very susceptible to the win-more problem. It only works when you either have multiple minions so you can afford to sac a few, or when the opponent has several you can take out. The 4-mana slot is extremely competitive in Lyonar decks, and a 3/4 with an effect that’s not even guaranteed to be thát good seems like a tricky value proposition. Grand Strategos is so powerful because it’s effect is always going to go off, and can’t be disable. I think this design could’ve been pushed more.

Creativity (40/45)

The idea of a weathered tactician learning to defeat their opponents by learning from not only successes but also their own failures is very gripping stuff. I can imagine them doing autopsies of friends and foes alike in between battles to come up with new tricks, and learning how to adapt to the flow of battle even dúring the fight. It’s a cool idea, and not one I think I’ve come across before. Still, it is kind of a Strategos rip-off in that Promote is such a one-dimensional mechanism.

Total: (74/100)

by @rustyrat

Shinobi of the Frozen Moon (deathsadvocate)

Shinobi of the Frozen Moon
Vanar Minion Vespyr
2 mana (2/3)
Infiltrate: Backstab 3

Naming (10/10)

Sounds like a card worthy of some pretty amazing art, and it goes well with its theme and Vanar’s overall identity

Wording (7/10)

Fairly straight forward but one could make the argument that it means all of your attacks are backstabs while infiltrated, or if that was the intention then it was this particular judge’s interpretation that you meant he has to be infiltrated and then be behind an enemy to pull off the backstab; pretty sure the backstab damage should have a parenthesis too btw.

Balance (20/35)

While I still feel having to infiltrate a minion in order to even have the opportunity of positioning it behind an enemy to pull off backstab is too great of a task for a mere increase in damage, I can see how difficult it would be to juggle something else into the equation and not get a broken unplayable mess. If anything the card would be a very fun meme, and there’s nothing wrong with being a fun meme.

Creativity (30/45)

Using an ability on top of another one is not terribly creative, but the choice of abilities is certainly original and fun.

Total: (67/100)
I’m a sucker for board-based cards and specially those that bring back Vanar to its positioning-roots.

Green Menhir (meaningless)

Green Menhir
Magmar Structure
2 Mana (0/6)
Deathwatch: transform that area in a primal flourish

Naming (8/10)

I had to go and google “Menhir” to find out it makes perfect sense in the faction, but before I knew that, I had pictured a magical tree that would be better suited in Vanar.

Wording (8/10)

As it stands one can already figure out how it works, but the CCG fan in me would’ve preferred something like “Deathwatch: Transform the destroyed minion’s space into friendly Primal Flourish”.

Balance (18/35)

Boy oh boy, balancing Magmar is way harder than it should be. The body in this is insignificant which contrasts with its insane value generation, so far so good; as a tool for Growmar it makes perfect sense and I love it, but it terrifies me when I think about Eggmar or Wanderer Rag having access to so many grow tiles essentially for free. The card is not the problem, it’s just Eggmar and Wanderer Rag have the potential to abuse too many things.

Creativity (35/45)

Attempting to aid Growmar is a very noble intention and this card has a fun way of doing so with a pseudo-Abyssian style.

Total: (69/100)
Growmar needs some love.

Fountain of Crimson Youth (rome0)

Fountain of Crimson Youth
Abyssian Structure
4 mana (0/3)
Build: (1)
Deathwish: Gain +2 Health
Zeal: At the end of your turn, set this minion’s health to 3 and restore the difference to your general.

Naming (10/10)

Pretty cool. The sprite would no doubt be a fountain of blood, so metal! \m/ >.< \m/

Wording (6/10)

One can figure out how it works already, but Deathwish is not an ability, Dying Wish is, also, one needs to be careful when using Gain vs. Heal because Gain means extra health even past 25HP, whereas Heal means you can only go back to 25HP at the most. A better explanation for the Zeal effect could’ve been “Zeal: At the end of your turn, fully heal this minion and heal your General for the same amount”.

Balance (17/35)

Stall Abyssian is a proto-archetype because they run things like Doom, Obliterate, Mnemovore or even Xor, and having a magical outpost to heal your general is an interesting idea but the card would really benefit from being mobile or at least having more health. As it stands, it barely provides a benefit but it could work in the aforementioned stall decks.

Creativity (28/45)

Ultimately I’m not sure what you were going for, but it doesn’t strike me as a direct copy of anything in Abyss or the other factions with the only real resemblance being Lyonar’s Hollowed Ground, but they don’t have a cool body to go with the tile.

Total: (61/100)
The image I get in my head is very cool but the card’s potential as it stands is not that great.

by @oranos

Lyth (buyingcoats)

Abyssian Minion
2 mana (4/1)
Dying Wish: Give a friendly minion Rebirth: Lyth.

Naming (2/10)

not great, feels like an individuals name when Lyth seem to be one of many

Wording (8/10)

simple, to the point, easy to understand. nice to see the rebirth: serpenti being used again. should probably add ‘random’ in front of ‘friendly’ since dying wish can be triggered on your opponents turn, and thus you wont get to choose which friendly minion gains the effect.

Balance (30/35)

the stat total is balanced for a 2 mana minion, but it seems a little above the curve despite only having 1 health. works well with abyss in general and can easily find a home in swarm, dying wish, and sacrifice decks without either being useless(unless you play it turn 1) or overpowering (unless you have a godhand combo). its a great way to ensure you have at least 1 minion on the board at all times which can be difficult with how much AOE is available.

Creativity (30/45)

nice to see stuff from boss battles being used and integrated into normal gameplay. its got some nice recursion and randomness in play to make playing it more interesting.

Total: (75/100)

Arcane Alembic (excogitator)

Arcane Alembic
Songhai Structure
4 mana (0/9)
At the end of your turn, Promote all spells in your action bar.

Naming (8/10)

Acceptable alliteration and nice use of an object i had to look up to know what it was.

Wording (5/10)

needs some work. instead of adding notes at the bottom in parenthesis about how it should work, add it to the card. adding “they cost the same as before promotion” is all it would take to clear all that stuff up.

Balance (17/35)

a nice counterpart to lyonars promotion. definitely a shidai card. the randomness and repetitiveness of the transformation counters the benefits of the reduced cost. you cant hold spells for when you need them, but with shidais constant cheap spell generation some of songhais best cards (the 2 and 3 cost spells) are suddenly abundant and even cheaper. it wouldnt work out well in any other kind of deck, but it doesnt need to.

Creativity (40/45)

Cool use of the promote mechanic in a unique way. The promotion of spells is very songhai.

Total: (70/100)

Tree of Life (trulster)

Tree of Life
Magmar Structure
3 mana (0/8)
Grow: +1/+1. Whenever any minion or General heals, the tree of life grows and converts one space to Primal Flourish, priortizing enemy spaces.

Naming (3/10)

kinda surprised this one hasn’t been used yet. a little cliche and slightly blasphemous when you consider the lore. not bad, but kinda boring.

Wording (3/10)

Needs fixing. “Whenever ANY minion or general is healed, this minion grows and turns a random space into primal flourish, prioritizing spaces under enemies” would be more in line with how existing duelyst cards are written

Balance (25/35)

since its a structure there is no point for its attack to grow. too hard to kill for a 3 mana minion, but its lack of attack, slow effect, and magmars lack of healing make it acceptable. the fact that the tiles randomly focus on enemies makes dispelling them inefficient. its a good way of getting a tiles on the board, as well as countering the standard lyonar tactic of ‘sit on heal tile forever’

Creativity (40/45)

an interesting lyonar/magmar mix that isnt afraid to take inspiration from the abyss. a nice blend of mechanics that utilizes positioning in a subtle way while interacting with your opponent.

Total: (71/100)

by @halcyon98

Panddo's Blessing (duzt)

Panddo’s Blessing
Rare Songhai Spell
2 mana
Your general gain +1 Attack. Summon a friendly panddo nearby. Draw a card.

Naming (5/10)

Not anything too special, but is fitting for the card.

Wording (7/10)

“General” should be capitalized, “gain” should be “gains,” and it is best to add a “0/2” in front of “Panddo” although it’s not required. Otherwise, solid.

Balance (30/35)

Pretty solid. Giving your General 1 Attack permanently may be problematic in decks like Aggro Reva or Arthai, but that’s my only concern. Summoning a friendly Panddo may seem weak, but considering Songhai has cards such as Saberspine Seal or Killing Edge or even Kotetsu, it may be of use.

Creativity (35/45)

Magmar and Songhai are pretty unlikely pairs, but this is a very well-done middle ground. Summoning a Panddo seems like a fun effect, and adding it to a Vaath’s Brutality-esque effect makes for a simple yet appealing card.

Total: (77/100)

Coldheart Behemoth (bepoest)

Coldheart Behemoth
Neutral Minion
6 mana (2/4)
Opening Gambit: Summon 3 Blazing Spines in the same column as this and Shadow Creep in front of them.

Naming (8/10)

Incorporates both Abyssian and Vanar themes, and is decently cool overall.

Wording (9/10)

It may sound a little awkward, but I see no objective issues. It’s easy to understand, although it’ll be better if there was a way to know if the summoning is random or targeted.

Balance (27/35)

At the moment, it seems too strong. It’s 11/13 in terms of raw stats, and the reach of the Shadow Creep would be extremely effective as ping. I think it should cost a little more. But it counters Fault so 2 extra points.

Creativity (40/45)

A minion that acts on a 3x2 space is pretty fun. It’s a cool approach to combine two area-denial tools in one card. Both frosty and spoopy.

Total: (84/100)

The Lich Master (alexx55)

The Lich Master
Abyssian Minion
6 mana (6/6)
Whenever a unit is healed, summon Wraithlings equal to the healed amount nearby.

Naming (2/10)

It could be cooler.

Wording (5/10)

If I was to word the card, it would be “Whenever anything is healed, summon a Wraithling on a nearby space for each 1 Health restored.”

Balance (34/35)

I see no immediate issues with it. Swarm needs some love, and Abyssian has plenty of healing to make good use of this card. I’m not sure if it’ll work well in Lyonar, however, so I’ll take 1 point off.

Creativity (35/45)

BMP + “Whenever anything is healed” mechanic = pretty cool card. I still wish the name was better though.

Total: (76/100)

  • Hunting Hawk
  • Suntide Priestess
  • Malicious Strategist
  • Shinobi of the Frozen Moon
  • Green Menhir
  • Fountain of Crimson Youth
  • Lyth
  • Arcane Alembic
  • Tree of Life
  • Panddo’s Blessing
  • Coldheart Behemoth
  • The Lich Master

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Honorable Mentions:

Sunrise Martyr (Bostwick)

Judgement provided by @rustyrat

Sunrise Martyr
Lyonar Minion
3 Mana (0/3)
Dying Wish: Deal 4 damage to all nearby enemies.

RustyRat's Judgement

Overall score: 55/100
This wasn’t one of my official nominations simply because Dying Wish is not really a faction ability despite it being associated to Abyssian more often than not. I still like the card though, and it would probably become a real inclusion to the game before my other 3 picks.

Name: 10/10
Matches Lyonar’s identity perfectly and it would probably be similar in appearance to a Cleric.

Wording: 10/10
Nothing to be confused about.

Balance: 25/35
Perfect body size for such a strong combination of effects at such a mana cost. In a perfect world, Strategos wouldn’t be able to abuse such a strong card but giving it any more stats would make all of Lyonar abuse it instead of just Strategos.

Creativity: 10/45
Well, it doesn’t exist in the current game but all of its pieces already do.

Darkfire Phoenix (johnsmiththeboring)

Notes provided by @thematsjo

Darkfire Phoenix
Abyssian Minion
4 Mana 3/2
Whenever you sacrifice a minion, add a Phoenix Fire to your action bar.
Dying Wish : Transform a Phoenix Fire in your action bar into Darkfire Phoenix.

TheMatsjo's Notes

Giving Maevh a recurring 4/4 + 3/2 + Phoenix Fire for 5 mana just seems waay to much of an escalation for me to nominate it, especially in a faction with access to Gor and Sarlac. Also, “sacrifice” isn’t a mechanism in the game right now. I love the idea though.

SoulStealer (romdrake)

Notes provided by @thematsjo

Abyssian Minion
4 mana 3/3
Zeal : whenever your general kills an enemy minion, restores 2 health and gain any possible effect from it.

TheMatsjo's Notes

Another great thematic card, but a complete mess to grok because of all the effects that do and don’t apply to it. Imagining this foul ghoul familiar flitting around its General immersed in black smoke is very fitting for Abyssian though.

Decay to Dust (evveses2)

Comment provided by @oranos

Decay to Dust
Abyssian spell
7 Mana
Destroy an enemy minion nearby and create Exhuming sand tiles on random spaces equal to the destroyed minions health

Orano's Commentary

an interesting way to bring swarm back to abyss by using vetruvians top tier swarm generator, but its just too strong. the more value you get from killing something, the more value you get from the second effect. its almost like a smaller, quicker variax that also removes a dangerous enemy minion. the ‘nearby’ limitation made me chuckle a little.

Thank you all jury members for selecting innovative nominations but it is now in the community’s hands to see who is crowned victor.

In addition, thank you to @yaviey for providing prizes and making rewards for these contests possible.

Good luck to all nominees and may the chips fall in your favor.

Card Design Contest 2018 #5 - The Monolith Fair of Mythron

@halcyon98 You do know I was trying to indirectly rip off The Lich King might have missed that part…


Cool, honourable mention.


This was a very cool prompt.
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Very fitting for the Halloween contest methinks.


Well, I suppose Blizzard is bad at naming their things too. I nominated you, so be grateful! Just kidding. It’s a cool card.


At least Shinobi made it to the voting phase :smiley: fingers crossed.


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@duzt’s Panndo blessing is OP given artihai existence. I like.

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  • Coldheart Behemoth
  • Fountain of Crimson Youth
  • Hunting Hawk

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