The memes are REAAAL: DECIMUS!1!


I ve been just trying out this deck and oh man im sure it needs tweaking, but im having such a blast, like literally laughing out loud.

i think a bit more of a controlly-ish things, but oh man sure ill be playing this bad boy this season.

What you guys think it could be taken out? what you think might stay?


That does look like a blast! I love seeing some of the newer cards in this build! And it’s probably great for early-season climbing because I’m sure games with this deck end quickly! It’s these kinds of decks that make me terrified of Decimus.


Cool, but I like to see it more control, full of spell to stall and win for Decimus, can be awesome!


Doesn’t Zyx count as a single minion when it comes to lowering the cost of Mandrake? As such he probably isn’t needed in this deck, especially considering the deck doesn’t run buffs such as GF or razorskin. I’d replace them with the good old young silithar, that card is too good to not be in any magmar deck that isn’t full on control. I’d also replace mystics for primuses and remove a single bloodtear and sphere in favor of two elucidators. Primus fists are simply more useful in a faster deck of this sort, and two sphere’s are more than enough. More will just clutter your hand with dead cards.


It should count as a single minion.


Yea im totally changing it. What happenned is that the first game i had an enormous overdraw, i burnt like 12 cards (not joking), so i thought about introducing cheaper cards so i could play a lot of them everyturn.
But i had 3 spelljammers on thr board for the lolz.

Now im thinking about making it a more slow deck, but managing my own drae better.

Ill try your ideas later :smile:


I lost against a Starhorn deck using Blaze Hound, Spell Jammer and Decimus to fill the opponent’s hand, it’s not that easy to counter that if you are not able to empty your hand efficiently. It was fun!


Probably a silly idea but do you think you can fit Fractal Replication for more Decimus and Spelljammers? :smile:


Mine also probably needs tuning, but I made a new list now that we got our “bug fix”

(Side note tiger=vindicator link does not seem to update)

Picking Juta/Flash/Taygete package over running lots of low cost minions. Shroud over egg for cheap cost/mandrake synergy. I still think Visionar can pull his weight, he is very much answer or die with this deck and it needs more targets then just Decimus to bait out removal/dispel.

Not sure if the deck has enough healing to beat dedicated aggro decks at the moment, which is why I choose Herald over mystic, but instead of earth sphere for mandrake/juta synergy. Will need some testing. I think I would still choose herald and mystic over sphere for this particular deck if I find it does need more healing.


Your decks always look so good, but i dont have visionar nor x3 kujatas. Yet im not sure about the last ones, because you don get much benefit from the ramping nor the damage. The only high cost minion is makantor. Maybe young silithar is more consistent in the early game.

EDIT: same happens with flash, not sure if worth it, specially 3 copies.


I could only imagine what happened if Magmar got a card which could generate card value for your opponent. Sort of like this; (Insert name here) - 3 mana - 3/6 - Whenever this minion deals damage, your opponent draws a card.

I think I could argue for the stat value because the effect can be both useful or horrible in multiple situations, and that in most cases you need to combine with another card in order for it to really “work.”


Decimus is a meme? I don’t think it’s going to do what the designers intend it to do, but it’s effectively a neutral Magi. Really doubt as it unfolds it’ll necessarily occupy “memeland” territory (where people worship Serpenti, and Purgatos is the sweetest tech ever xD)


Its not nearly as good as four winds is, since you can’t trigger it yourself for the most part and it takes an entire turn for it to trigger. Idk, i used it in a gauntlet run (argeon) and 2 games with starhorn aggro now (not that that is a siginificant sample size), and i never really felt like playing it, since it doesn’t have immediate impact and a rather fragile body.


Mank, Vison, taygete, Decimus, and to a lesser extent mandrake benefit a lot from the ramp. Taygete is a powerhouse with ramp and also has its usual fun combo with thumping. Just a lot of synergy as well as hand dumping to fuel mandrake/not overdraw. But the ramp package does take up a lot of room.

It started with young Slithar, but I Switched it to mystic for healing, and then to herald since the deck really needed the healing. Juta however really helps pull that version together.

I have been considering dropping flash/taygete for tiger/healing mystic. Still iffy on jammer as well.

If you lack visionar it does make the ramp package much less valuable. With that in mind here are some tuning ideas for your deck.

Herald over sphere, shroud over Zyx.

Probably young Slithar over blood tear. Blood is really good but the deck should be really good at closing the gap and boxing in, so ranged ping is probably not needed. Your likely better off with the value card, but I could be wrong.

I would cycle hard to try and dump my hand early with two drops, and later look to start playing draw cards once I am almost out of steam/have Decimus. Playing aggressively but probably not to much face.

Edits: Traded Eggmorph for Kujata to help empty out hand, deck has enough draw that I should be able to find a shroud when it would need a morph.


What do you mean with “Juta”? And I’d like Visionar in this deck but can absolutely not see what would be good to cut. All the cards seem so… logical.


I lost to a similar deck today, it’s hard to catch up with it, especially when playing with slow deck (solo vaath for example) and the value of the mandrake is ridiculous.



The Visionar variant is just a bit of a different deck, check out my thread that I linked above if you are interested.


I would just like to say, @polinchi showed me the power of Decimus today. Did probably 10 damage very quickly, and made me nervous and misplay because it’s so new.

Get on the train before it’s packed, boys


I have been trying the midrange list as I don’t currently have vindicators my self, and what I found is without having the whole deck dedicated to anti draw, jammer/hound really don’t do much with their only synergy being decimus. And since the deck does not really have any other dispel/removal targets he just sort of always dies.

I think your better off either running the full version dedicated to anti draw, or cutting jammer/hound in favor of a more normal midrange deck like this:


Yup, ive been testing him out in different places, not only in magmar, and he feels pretty much like “just play” card, like withouth synergies. He usually baits a removal for his very annoying nature, and can be played in curve really well :slight_smile: The good thing for him is that, if left alone, might not seem so at first, but stacks up a lot of damage and forces your opponent into different plays.