The meme made real: Wraithling synergy


This here is my wraithling deck, where it’s all wraithlings all the time. :slight_smile:

Within you can see such garbage cards like Blood Baronette and Wraithling Fury. The purpose of this deck is to make your opponent think you’re playing a swarm deck, then hit em with the 6 mana 10 dmg combo everyone has forgotten about. Wraithling fury and Blood Baronette, you’d be surprised how often they can’t remove your swol wraithlings because they spend their removal on furosa. This deck works pretty good.

DISCLAIMER: This is not really a competitive deck, it is a meme deck, however it is very close to being quite good, one more wraithling synergy card might push it over. Currently this deck gives me some wins in S-rank although it is not consistent and I’ve been making some misplays since it’s such a unique deck and I’m not 100% sure what the best way to pilot it is. You folks in Silver and gold might be able to climb with this, if that tickles your fancy although it has only been tested in S-rank

Questions and observations are very welcome :slight_smile:


Where is Black Solus? Why Rot9Moons? Anyway, nice deck, I like the idea. Wraithling synergy is something that truly interests me.


No black solus because I don’t have him, and Rot9M because I needed a 5 drop and I personally like him, he adds a little reach to the deck :slight_smile:

Even if i did have black solus, idk if i’d put him in, the wraithlings are the main star here :sunglasses:


I had a really nice working Blood Baronette deck 2 months ago. Kinda sad that now the ‘secret’ got out :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry, i thought about keeping it to myself. But it’s christmas, so I gotta be generous and this is my gift to the people :wink:


Good to see Baronette too :slight_smile:

Why no Bloodmoon Priestess aka wraithling generator though?


well, the goal is for the wraithlings not to die :slight_smile:


Blood Baronette is the greatest! Dream big and meme big! Maybe I’m saying this because I ran a deck like this right before the expansion. All and all, it was actually pretty consistent (I’m talking like 70% win rate in Diamond!)
I like this kind of deck because unlike other Swarm decks, you don’t depend on the whole Swarm lasting, only a lone survivor. I can only imagine how safe people must feel if they see only one Wraithling on the board, only to watch it emerge from the shadows as the thing of nightmares! I hope you’ve tried making the meme bigger with Shadow Reflection, because that with Wraithling Fury and Blood Baronette is amazing to pull off.


personally, i would recommend bloodmoon priestess. it does wonders to keep wraithlings on the board :sunglasses:


Yes that is exactly what I loved about the deck I had with her too.
I was like: sure, kill 3 out of 4, I don’t care, it’s the one you leave me with that will get its revenge :smiley:


Death fire cresc instead of soul shatter?
Also -2 vorpal and +2 spectral revenant


I repeat, THIS IS NOT A COMPETATIVE DECK. It’s memey, I have 3 DFCs but I like I said I don’t want my wraithlings dying so I didn’t put them in and I don’t want more revs because they don’t fit what I’m trying to do , tbh if I had another vorpal I’d take out the rev. I just wanted a deck that made one strong swarm with Some fun burst. I’m aware of the “better” cards :slight_smile:


do you have variax? she’d be amazing in this kind of deck if you opened her


I also had a deck previously with a similar goal (I got 3 baronettes like in the first week playing), didn’t really work then but I’d really like to try again soon since I have better fitting cards now :stuck_out_tongue:


I would put her in if I had her


Just played the first game with similar deck. Won at turn 4 by pulling the fury+baronette combo twice in a row. It was awesome)

Thanks for an idea)


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