The Magmar Theory


In this tweet, they gave us a sneak peek at 3 sprites. A Magmar one, a Lyonar/Vet, and Meltdown.

But. But. Here is what retained my attention.

This unit. I think it’s the Grandmaster. Every other Grandmaster has been spoiled, their sprite at least. Would make sense that they reveal Magmar’s soon enough.

Also, have you seen Rancour? Its design, particularly the blue green aura around her

Reminds me a lot of this

So I guess it’s only reasonable to say Rancour will else have Blood Surge or will change your BBS.

I bet the Magmar unit is a Silithar, it’s got the beard and their horns. And body shape. Maybr it’s a veeeery old/powerful Silithar? We need to know more on them.
Also, some random Super Sayian stuff


Hopefully it’s Magmar’s grandmaster or a new power creep.


When I see the sprite, all I can think is “Santasaurus”


6 Mana
Rebirth, Grow: +2/+2
Opening Gambit: Your opponent draws equal to number of cards in their hand. “Santasaurus” deals 2 damage for each card in their hand.


That’s got a real legendary feel to it, hopefully it’s the magmar grandmaster.


That’s some great super-sleuthing you’ve done there, I can’t wait to see if you’re right


I know this is just a pipe dream but…

Opening Gambit: Your Bloodborn spell becomes Earth Sphere

Since others have so much burst they better kill us before 9 mana. After that, we’ll truly be immortal…

I want this XD


Fug that’d be bonkers, it’d need to be very expensive.


The other blue sprite looks alot like Alter Rexx’s Cousin


Toss that one in the meme thread :smile:


It’s a Mech too.


Looks like something straight out of Evangelion.


Wait how do u know this


Probably speculation, unless it’s been confirmed in the past.


As ancientmage said, speculation. If you look at its art, he looks like a Mech.

Maybe it has been confirmed at some point, I can’t remember.


Definite Forcefield. Needs to be in line with the reference.


BTW…Rancour is male…confirmed over multiple sources :stuck_out_tongue:


This minion embodies this then.


Nah…more like this: Jup…


Cant wait for this magmar minion to be revealed! And Meltdown looks Amazing, i think it Will be a legendary card.