The Magaari Parish [Bloodborn era]


Greetings fellow acolytes of The Holy Trinity of The Immortal, The Warbeast and The Golden Chrysalis!

First of all, I made this thread just because our old club was getting bigger and bigger and I don’t really want it to be a mess, also it’s not a club anymore, it’s a whole new fanatic religion sect.

Most of the decks and strategies in the old thread are also outdated so I thought making a new one could be better for new apprentices.

This thread is purely for decklists and strategies, so if you want to discuss new cards or Magmar issues in general check out our fellow Makantor priests in their church.

I really want to make this as competitive as possible so if you upload decks that you are currently testing, please update them as soon as possible.

Many people doesn’t like new Magmar and call it cancerous, but whatever happens we will adapt, evolve and survive because we will soon rejoin the Great Ones and as them we will become truly immortal.

Together, with @jernat and @rakioz we’ve been working on meta ideal Keeper deck



If you ever played with Keeper Magmar you will know how to pilot it, there some differences now.
Deck is definitely more aggressive and you want to pressure face almost every turn, knowing when to go face is the trickiest part of the deck and it may vary on the match up.
The most powerful plays you can make are Diretide + Tiger or Elu, P2 T1 Tiger + Greater Fortitude and of course everyone’s favorite flash Makantor into Keeper. Also Gaze on turn one is not a worst play.
It’s not that difficult to play, you just need to survive the early game and crush the midgame with combination of rush, frenzy and removals and finish the game with Lucy combo or basically anything.
The only bad match up for this deck is another really fast aggro kind of stuff like Songhai with God hand or the fastest tempo Lyo, also Cass can be brutal if you don’t kill her soon enough.
When it comes to Variax decks… Well it can go really well, or really really bad. You just have to bring her down to something around 10 health right before Variax hits the board. Then just gaze her to death.
The most annoying thing that can happen is Concealing Shroud. It really is a pain in the ass. You can’t really play around it so it always sucks when they play it.

May the Mighty Makantor Jesus bless you all.

The Magaari Parish 2.0 (Post-RotB)
New Magmar player needs help

Hybrid Keeper Solo Vaath! It is as strong as it is complicated to name! I haven’t lost a single game with this beauty yet, although that’s probably cuz everyone in diamond is testing new stuff out…


Can you explain how do you play against aggro? Deck seems interesting but also weird.


I miraculously haven’t faced Aggro Starhorn yet, which is probably a terrible matchup, but against Aggro Argeon and Faice I just hold onto my Earth Spheres and try to overwhelm them with either board clears or Keeper of the Value; Every minion he can bring back (except himself) is a nightmare for aggro boards.
When going first Natural Selection is a must as you have no other reliable 2 mana plays and you’ll want to slow their game as much as possible…


Normally keeper didnt want a 2 drop but what about Rancor. It is a 2 drop that can be scary as a late drop.


The orbs weren’t kind to me :cry:


So this my idea for the spin on the keeper deck

Nothing fancy I mixed together the old and new elements.I did a quick test I went 3 and 1.It feels pretty good.I think it needs small tweaks.The Grove Lion hasn’t feel necessary so I believe those are two slots you can play around with it. Also I think you can go 3 entropic gaze and 1 tectonic spikes.


I called it Ebola Vaath. Give it a try, you will know why I called it like that.


I’m going to post a deck that doesn’t possess the backing of any plays to testify to its potency, but I’ll update it as soon as I am able. The idea is to make it possible for other people to test it out if they so desire (since I don’t have the new cards T.T). Though if this is against the spirit of the thread please let me know and I’ll take it down.

The original prototype that I posted on the old thread was kindly tested by Flaming Stampede God @rakioz briefly, and he concluded that Drogon wasn’t optimal in a Keeper centred list. Given that, I’ve decided to omit the solo Vaath subtheme entirely and return to a pure, albeit far more aggressive, Keeper archetype.

Here it is:

The deck will have no hope of outpacing dedicated Turbo Aggro, which warrants the existence of Egg Morph and Earth Sphere. However, these are potentially tempo loss cards (you have to waste a general/minion attack to remove the egg and ES will only prolong the inevitable against something like DrawHorn if you don’t have a board state or early pressure) so they’re only a two-of. Though with the added card draw, you are still likely to have these cards in hand when you need them.

As mentioned for probably the millionth time, Magmar’s card draws are a great way to ping artefacts, which is particularly welcome as Vaath historically has difficulty dealing with Regalia and other artefact nonsense.

Plasma Storm is absent because while powerful, you could hypothetically still deal with minion pressure via rush+diretide (and that has the enemy benefit of potentially smacking the opposing general). Storm is also expensive; you don’t want too many “on curve” plays so as to not diminish the benefits of your card draw engines.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Brothers, I pray that your strength be empowered by the presence of The Immortal, The Warbeast and The Golden Chrysalis. May the great Makantor Jesus be resurrected upon the Steed of Lazarus (Keeper) to deliver your salvation!


You can be right about Plasma Storm, but there are still some Vet players out there :wink:. Also I just uploaded my version, but we need more testing to find meta-ideal Keeper deck. Oh, don’t look at that Meltdown, it’s there just for the Evangelion memes :smile:


I just think that Drogon get in the way of rush-keeper deck since you need BBS (and your general ready to hit) to realize its full value but the idea of the deck is to utilize rush minion to gain immediate value then chain with keeper to recycle it again.
Many times Drogon kinda halt the process because you don’t have BBS when it comes out of keeper and so it does nothing other than bait some removals.

However in a slower keeper deck that go for a longer value game Drogon may fit in.

Just my opinion.


Don’t drogon (son of Karl drogo) blood surge ability stack so if you have one out keeper another that’s 4x the damage?


Yes, he does, and it’s beautiful


Damn, I really wanted him in my Keeper deck. I though he will be nice finisher and so far it’s working. You guys have a point here, meta is too fast for him to be in a Keeper deck. But I’m not getting rid of him just yet, I love him too much and my deck is more control oriented (I think it is).


Oh yeah.
If you use him as a finisher and not as a minion in keeper dead pool. May be this will work!


You can OTK with 2 Drogon + BBS at 9 mana (= 24 damage) if you stack Vaath attack to 6!


So why isn’t that worthy of being in a keeper deck that just seems like another win condition with a nice body. It doesn’t even need rush since bloodsurge activates on its own


At first I think Drogon will just mess with the dead pool because Drogon that comes out of keeper can be awkward to use. But now that I think about it, having Drogon in the deck and use it as finisher (or a near end game damage) can work too.

Also, kvewgir use it and it works. :smiley:


After spellhai let’s go spellvath here we go with a combo OTK vaath:

Fractal replocaiton on Drogon (or elucidator)


I want to make a Valknu Eggmar deck, any suggestions?