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The Lord Has Called Me


i’ve been touched and blessd by the God Almighy Paddo.

i shall walk the path of meme from now on.


Only one copy of paddo? U need more!


Paddo is the one and only, there’s only one paddo in the world. how dare you suggest to have another Paddo? HOW DARE YOU!


No serpenti?!?!
Time to break out the dance of memes


The lord seems to want me to craft serpentis.

anything for the lord.


lol i was thinking of crafting mine, got mine shiny too XD


Makantor does not approve the Serpentis !

Use Starhorn for a good meme deck :thumbsup:


Topic serves no discussive purpose. Please use the meme topic for content like this. Closing :slight_smile:

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