The Life of A Duelyst That Never Went Past Gold: Vetruvian


I did mention my only wincon as Mono Ramp. Remember, I’m memeing hard on this and using the element of surprise. By the way, I scrapped the replace package for more stable progression but I’m keeping Aethermaster.


I’ve been tinkering about and yes, Inner Oasis works really nicely with the amount of cheap board I have! I’ll take your ideas into consideration and replace Araras with Herald<3

Only have the Faie one… sadly.

This guy gets it>>

Anyways, this is how my current deck looks like.


Imagine getting Mono from Mono.


Mono is not a win-con, and I don’t think it’s funny enough to be a meme. Maybe you can run it with Alcuin Fugitive? Now that’s a meme.


Huh. Nice idea.


Monoli thicc

have you tried the like button?


Been there done that(it is pretty hilarious)


man spelljammer’s too slow of me tbh. i mean, if could be dropping a thunderhorn…


a constant supply of dessicating circles


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