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The Life of A Duelyst that Never Went Past Gold - Magmar


What’s wrong with me? I always read your username as buying goats :rofl:


This thread shall live on until more stupid memes arise


spell jammer is good in loads of decks though , and enthropic gaze is meh




dreadnought bad
niklaren played it in mdl finals



To be fair, it was a sideboard. Tech against ping?


anyways spicy memes cooking up wait for it


Tech for wanderer (ragnora) which i kinda expected to play vs from quarters to the end. It comes down earlier than jugg or event, in step with wanderer itself, has a tough to remove body, crucially makes it so your eggs trade back into their rippers, which when they also have forcefield is game-winning.

In the end I think my setup ended up to be not so good as though in my set vs makuta it did it’s job perfectly, other competitors eliminated their wanderer opponents and my slower version of eggs had a few struggles in the other sets that a more aggressive list may not have. On the other hand without that greedy game plan I may not have gotten past makuta at all, so I can’t be too disappointed with the end result. I stand by my choices.


I think your greedy list has actually a better matchup against Fault, which was useful against spammer.


yes, having an extra rebuke and 3 plasmas available in 4 out of 5 games meant I had a pretty clear strategy and a little leeway to execute it before getting buried under the poop. But I do think though that the series probably should have gone 3-2 in his favour if I’m honest. If i knew 100% that I would run into him I could have had an even better setup.


There were some decisive misplays of him which gave you the opportunity to win but that’s also part of becoming a (almost) grandmaster I think, playing well / optimal under the high pressure of a tournament.

So you deserved your win all in all.


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