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The Life of A Duelyst that Never Went Past Gold - Magmar


I’m just a scrub that never went past Gold, completely f2p, lacking in brains and wavering from 20 - 13 most of the time by the codename liMangoes. I never prioritize crafting versatile techs like Thunderhorn and instead relying purely on orb luck to fatten my collection as I craft memes like Gate to the Undervault, Grandmasters Kraigon, Variax and Nosh’Rak, and waaaaay overlyest’est’t excessive Dying Wish minions for my masochistic Xor’Maehv decklists.
And now I’m starting a new series bound on climbing the ladders with the most unorthodox and techless decklists of popular archetypes, seeking to conquer the ladder with only the element of surprise. This thread starts with good 'ol Magmar, the big bois.

This deck is, well, just Eggmar. Surprisingly, I have been going on a winning spree currently numbering 6 at the time I’m posting from Rank 15, against harshly solid archetypes like Wanderer Egg, Tempo Argeon and Tempo Maehv. As you can see, this deck LACKS HARD in counterplay and litters single cards everywhere with no consistency in win-cons except for just board power. I’m thinking of changing Cascading Rebirth for more Lava Lances, when I have the time to edit my deck that is.
I only have 1 Dreadnought, 2 Pups, 1 Raptyr, 1 Egg Morph, 1 Mitotic Induction and 2 Lances, hence the spread of cards. Surprisingly, Lance ping was not a need at all for my 6 wins as I prep my wins at mana 5 or even 4, boasting a very strong board of pseudo-immortal Rexes and Rippers as the enemy team wails in sorrow for their Sunbreakers and Snowstorms that came in just a single turn too late. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on my performance and deck <3

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Honorary mention: Before this I had a spree that ended against Alabaster Titan. I hate these cards that only get stronger each expansion (=_=)

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I mean If you want to go full eggmar, get 3 prog 2 extinction



that will take lets see… T-minus 3 months! Just in time for next expansion! hopefully



also, why extinction tho? i don’t really get how it values at mana 8 for a cost, if it was 7 it’d be core for eggmar tbh



Well, you said you liked memes…Also it is really fun to win with

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Mentor, Raptyr, Lance, and Egg Morph, and Reactor are all great cards, but not if you only have single copies of them. Get 3 of them each. Rex, Warpup, Elucidator, Dreadnought, Razor Skin, Cascading Rebirth, and Induction are just bad or doesn’t belong in a Egg deck. Replace them with cards like Spelljammer, Progenitor, Inceptor, Cryptographer, and most of all, Makantor.



Funny everyone hates eggmar ragnora just the same



NAMBA WAN: I see you’ve missed Cryptograper’s existence. Nice. Sasuga @halcyon98 -sama!
I do have Mankantor, so that’s a given. Isn’t Inceptor a bit too slow? Also, Rex and Razor Skin helped me secure kills with the amount of swarm I normally get, working like Soulshatter where Rex is the swarm mechanic alongside Young Silithar. For Spelljammer and Progenitor, I may have to invest in lots of Magmar if I craft those tbh, especially Progenitor. I do have a limited spirit supply xd. Do you recommend Sojourner and Entropic Gaze instead?

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Big oof. At least it isn’t WandaRag right?



Also, do you recommend Amplification alongside Greater Fortitude? Or is it too combo-heavy?

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got to agree




Improved on it, thoughts?



It’s a solid card overall. It’s definitely not slow when you consider minions that have hatched from eggs gain rush. Use it on Rippers and Raptyrs and it’ll work wonders.

Egg Ragnora shouldn’t focus on swarm, they should focus on high amounts of burst with Rippers. Rex does have Rebirth, but it’s overall a weak card, and Razor Skin is merely a tech in some Hatefurnace decks.

Some draw cards like Sojouner or Insight may substitute Spelljammer, but there’s really nothing like it. It’s a great card and is used in many decks, so you should try and get some eventually. For Progenitor, there’s no legitimate replacement. I would definitely recommend crafting it too, even if it may take some time.

Amplification is situational, and it’s not ideal to use on Rippers. It’s an option in Hatefurnace decks, but that’s really it.

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Replace the Razor Skins with 3 Wild Inceptors and reduce the dampening waves by 1 for another Egg Morph and one less Veteran Silithar for one more Makantor.

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I have a long spirit grind ahead, man.

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I was wondering, right, since I outperformed my deck’s usuals (based on your analysis), it seems that hyperswarm Magmar works really well in Silver, which got me thinking: What if I went all the way back and create a swarm deck with Starhorn Battle Pets or Ragnora Battle Pets hybridding sticking cards like Young Silithar and Amplification?



Where is Ragebinder, the ‘better Veteran Silithar’?

As a guideline you should have 9 X 2 drops for a P1 start. I know you could equip an artifact instead but you have less than the usual 2 drops, so harder to take the mana tile next turn, which means harder to play an early Veteran (4 drop).

Priority crafting for Magmar is always Makantor. Get a third one when you can.
PS: Praying to Makantor will greatly increase your win rate :upside_down_face:.



Interesting idea, but Battle Pets are really weak at the moment. I’m sure you can try, but keep in mind it will be costly as you’ll most likely need Nature’s Confluence.


Poor Eggs

Fancy Eggs