The Learning Curve double charity fundraiser will be back Sat. Dec 24 around 7pm EST!


Status: Broadcasting weeknightly starting around 7pm EST, resuming Thursday Dec 22! Come watch an ordinary guy play and challenge me if you like!


Greetings again fellow Duelyst adventurers!

The name of my show refers to the “learning curve” involved in getting good at any endeavor, and also the mana curve that is so important in games like Duelyst. Isn’t that clever? :slight_smile:

This show is different than many others, because I’m not an expert player, but I’m good at explaining the game. As I play I tell you what I am thinking and why I’m doing what I do. Watch and you will learn from my successes and mistakes (I make many).

You’ll also meet other Duelyst enthusiasts, and I often have special guests, many of them top players.

I broadcast most evenings around 7pm Eastern US time for 1-3 hours. Hope to see you there!

Have fun!

Twitch link

New to duelyst and loving it

Sounds good. But this is probablg my school time (I am Aussie)


I’ll definitely stop by at some point, sounds like a great stream :smiley:


Wow, thanks @Ryvirath ! I had never streamed before this and I found I love doing it!

I also hope that streaming as a new player will both reduce the intimidation factor for other potential streamers, and keep focus on what this is… a game, for fun!

Speaking of fun and learning, I am competing in the tournament tonight and will be streaming my games! Stop by if you want to watch me get stomped by a really good Duelyst player! :slight_smile:


I’ll be beginning streaming my participation in my first ever Duelyst tournament very soon, 8 pm EDT! Come watch me get destroyed!

And be sure to watch the official tournament Twitch too:


About to stream again this evening, hope you can join me! I may try to do a gauntlet draft, even though I have no idea what I am doing, but hey, it’s a game, it’s for fun. :slight_smile: Come advise or second guess or just watch and chat. See you soon. :slight_smile:


Broadcasting again in a moment, 14th consecutive night, I started my 3rd day in the game! :slight_smile:

Come on over to have some fun and find out details on the giveaway contest that starts Monday!


ohh yeee mate. STRALIA REPRESENT!!!


Weekly contest starts tonight!

At some point during each show from Monday to Friday I will ask a question (of varying difficulty) about the Duelyst world or lore. Type the right answer within 10 minutes and you get a ticket… type it within 15 seconds and you get a bonus ticket for knowing the answer without having to look it up! :slight_smile: On Saturday (or Sunday if I don’t stream Saturday) I will draw a random winner who will be sent enough funds to buy 2 spirit orbs. You will of course have to give me your Paypal address for this.


Going live again shortly! Only had one entry yesterday so the orbs are there for the taking!


Going live shortly… orb giveaway contest continues, Qeltar hits the Gold Wall, daily challenge and more! Follow me and save a kitten! :slight_smile:


Going live in a moment! Going to have some fun; daily challenge, try my hand at abyssian, maybe get some friends games going. And of course the weekly contest continues, 2 orbs up for grabs!


Wasn’t able to stream last night as I was honored to be chosen to co-host the Dawn of the Duelysts tournament! But I’m about to stream again. This will be the last chance to get a ticket for the first orb giveaway, which will be tonight! Join in the fun!


Congrats to our winner, faderedguy!

I may do a contest again sometime in the future. In the meantime will continue streaming, 21st night in a row tonight! Hope to see you!


Streaming time!! Going to do something a bit different this time with some commentary/discussion on the expansion, and then do some gameplay. Hope to see you! :slight_smile:


Hey all! I’ll be streaming again, 23rd night in a row, shortly after 8pm EDT!

Gauntlet is fixed and I’m going to try my hand at some Lyonar. Come watch and put in your 2 cents as I draft and play! Probably do the daily challenge first of course. :slight_smile:


A little late tonight but the streak continues, 24th in a row! Hope to see some of you there! :slight_smile:


Starting shortly… 25th night in a row! Join for some challenge/quest/friends games and more! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! :slight_smile:


enjoyed your Makantor Hype gauntlet run… even though you failed miserably :slight_smile:


Hahaha. Well, failing miserably IS my specialty. :slight_smile:

The makantors were fun but that was a high-curve draft and I didn’t expect it to go super great. For my 4th gauntlet ever 2-and-3 is about all I expected. It was a lot of fun though, which is kinda the point. :slight_smile:

Thanks for participating, the chat room is what it’s all about for me. I am a highly-strung person by nature and I work hard to keep things as chill as possible, even when I am doing badly. It was a bit upsetting to have 2 of those losses be within 1 point of lethal, though.