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The Last Hope for an Expansion


Just buying orbs? pffffttt that ain’t nowhere enough to tip the cosmic scales. Now if everybody dusted every single card they got from those orbs and crafted as many prismatic serpentis as possible, then it might inspire cpg to drop an expansion.


So… 3? :sob: :sirpenti:


there is no limit on the number you can craft, i believe, though ive never been rich enough to test that out


No, there is. If you own a full set, the craft button is grayed out.


woah really? I swear i saw somewhere that you could craft more… But hey if every player crafted three prismatic serpentis, then i guess something might happen


Without healing, all decks would be pure aggro/burn. So im actually a healing lover


Well, i’m ok with the occasional healing of mystic/herald, but cards like kelaino are a complete different league


Mystic/herald are usually not enought to stop a good aggro deck


Still it’s enough to not make every deck aggro/burn :thinking:


Went a bit ahead, and just got 21 core orbs. I’ve been storing some gold reserves for way too long…


So anything good?


About 5 legends, mainly memes :slight_smile:


memories of spec rev ending games flood my mind


Good times, good times :snowchaser:




oddly specific but ok


I’m actually a CPG dev in disguise, and just wants everyone to waste their spirit before the next expansion drops. At least I wish.


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