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The Last Hope for an Expansion


Murphy’s Law states that the worst thing that can happen in a situation will happen. Therefore, if getting an expansion were bad luck rather than good luck, we would get an expansion. So here’s my idea: make a situation in which an expansion would be a stroke of bad luck.

But how is that possible?

Well, consider the following scenario: rightfully assuming that the expansion is never coming, you buy sixty core orbs with the gold you saved up and then craft a bunch of cards with all your spirit. The next day, a new expansion comes out of nowhere with a similar system to Trials of Mythron: every 10 orbs you get some awesome reward, and there are six total rewards. Not only do you have no gold to buy orbs of the new set, you also cannot instantly have access to the awesome rewards, and you have no spirit to craft new cards with. It’s back to the grindstone for you. What terrible luck!

So you see. Of course, one person doing this will not shift the cosmic scales enough to cause an expansion to be released the next day… but what if everyone on the Forums participated? What if, on January 31st, at midnight, we all make an offering to the gods of Counterplay, spending all our gold and spirit, and there is a surprise expansion the next day?

And if the expansion doesn’t come, you lose nothing; in fact, you gain cards that you otherwise would never have crafted or opened in packs.

But the point is that we cannot possibly get an expansion without it being a bad thing. If we all follow my plan, then we have a slight chance of getting the worst expansion in Duelyst history, and we’ll all be behind in gold and spirit – but wouldn’t that be preferable to staying in the Wanderer meta forever?


  • Sure, why not?
  • Not me; I’ll hold onto my gold and spirit for as long as it takes Counterplay to put out a new expansion.
  • I already spend my gold the instant I have enough to buy an orb.
  • Not me. You’re crazy!

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But you LOVE Wanderer meta! It would be tragic if things changed. :wink:


But one person CAN change the course of history itself…yeah, i’ll let you stew on that for a bit


Why would I be angry?

History has nothing to do with harnessing extreme amounts of bad luck, though.


Plot Twist: The new expansion only has GOOD Abyssian cards.

Now we must be getting an expansion :wink:


Expansion is a bad timing stick in my wheels now that I started putting my time into eternal (which is fricking great btw)


I also started playing Eternal…and it honestly isn’t as good as Duelyst to me, but weekly updates is really good, and keeping me pulled in unless Duelyst gets Q4 content.

1 draw is really slow, and there’s not a lot of card draw early on, which kind of makes me angry because I like low curve decks.

Definitely will keep playing it though, and hope it gets a lot better :grinning:


It is not suppose to be better then dooli, it is good by itself. Dooli and eternal are two different games.


I hate wanderer almost as much as I hate facemar and vet.


What are those?


That would be the perfect expansion (for me).


The joke was for @anjosustrakr, but yeah, that would be the perfect expansion if CPG actually gave Abyss something good that isn’t Xor related.




Yeah. To be honest i think abyss would be on the same level of other faction with just a couple of buffs (give me 2/5 kelaino back)


This is the kind of genius I’m looking for. You’re hired to write my narratives


Aw yiss please give us sum moar death, we likes it :wink:


Oh god please no, that card alone made duelyst more unfun than wanderer and ragnora. Games were looooooooooooooong and booooooooooooooring, let’s keep them lightning fast :wink:


It was on the same level of other massive healing/stall cards like earth sphere/sundrop elixir/finality/shroud. Ragnora is way more problematic that old kelaino


If you like lightning fast, let’s revert the Rev nerf then :slight_smile:


@project2el yeah ofc ragnora is way more problematic it’s just that i I’m more like a healing hater in general :thinking: