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The invasion has begun!

Here a video of my budget boss deck.


Could Soulshatter Pact be ran over Shadowatcher?

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Shadow Watcher on its own can win games if they can’t answer it or it baits out some removal. The AI doesn’t think about mana efficiency so a Dark Transformation against this 3 drop is not uncommon :slight_smile: Shadow Watcher often dies for Priestess and Shadowdancer to live :wink:

Soulshatter Pact is a board dependent win con which is great in ranked because you want to finish games quick before you lose.

Against bosses you only need to hit that certain tipping point in the game when you go from defense to offense and know you stabilized and the bosses (and their AI) are not good enough to turn the game back from a losing position.

So to me Soulshatter Pact feels more like a win more card in boss battles. If you have your swarm established you usually win automatically. Tempest clears the wraithlings but not Priestess or Shadowdancer and the AI doesn’t understand that :smiley:


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