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The hunting party - snowshot's deck progression and a few of our mexican robots talking vet stuff, join us


did you ever wanted to create a highly op chasers? do you like to annoy your enemy and chunk their minions? do you wanna go f16 into your opponent’s face on turn 2? well then i got the meme for you (starting point) - introducing vespyr cryo deck.

what does it do?

basically drop cheap vespyrs, buff then, remove key minions, create another big vespyr, and go face and so on.

does this deck good? mehh… is it fun? ohh hell yea, wanderer rag can go sit on a pipe when you got a 12/11 chaser that can fly out of range.

quick note - this is the starting point, changes will be implanted for sure even though the deck doing fairly ok, however not that consistent. Put it like this deck wins just not all the time.



Hold up is that a scions wish deck youre fighting against?

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I don’t know what was it, didn’t really let him recover.

I think it was, why?

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Just interested to know if other people are running pantheran decks,



I guess it was
Go tell him you are the master of vet

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I’m would not say im a master but ill go ask him what he’s got in the deck.

Also, i’ve played against a deck that is similar to this one before, can’t remember what was in it though, just that it was very rude.

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It is quite a rude deck for sure, but it is also very fun and the skill cap is (as it seems) quite challenging, takes a good amount of mind games, positioning and choice making.



Just popped in to say that you aren’t the only one :stuck_out_tongue:



decklist pl0x

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When you share a deck and all people can talk about is fucking Pantheran. :sweat:



Feelsvanar ecks dee :stuck_out_tongue:



Let them have their fun:)



Older Pantheran:


Newer Pantheran:

Both decks are fine to play since they are pretty much just different variations of the same deck. You can also change a few things and it should still work fine as long as they aren’t too drastic.

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Just thinking maybe i should delete this thread…



Apologies about this



it is OK, now the title gives you permission to talk vet:)

however - the updated version for now is:

i don’t know about spirit yet but… it seems like a good enabler, i do feel like maybe strengthen the callers and plate would be beneficial for an semi aggressive play.
an update will follow.



How do you rate the Cryonic Potential openings? Are they worth the deck space (and potential hand clutter in the late game) ?

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It depends on the deck you want to run.

I feel like vespyr is a very suitable for it given the cheap price and strong synergy (once a minion is buffed you can fly and heal) then this card is strong.
But it is a removal bait for sure.
Unles you open with chaser + cryo for 8/7 which is not likely to be removed, follow by dryad on tile + frost fire to deliver 12 dmg turn 2



I’d advocate for you to run a few boneswarms in any vet deck as it can clear Reggos and Heartburns.

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