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The Hunting Grounds of Seraphim - General Vanar Discussion Thread


Hello! While my other thread kinda already has the purpose I want to make this the exact thread and keep that thread to all things me and @snowshot.

Here are some basic rules for discussion:

All posts must follow the forums moderation policy.

No hate and salt for Vanar, this thread is purely about the health and improvement of Vanar.

My first part of the discussion I want to porpose is: What Vanar deck/archetype is the best/has a lot of potential.

I’m personally partial to burn but I have to test this more extensively.


Perma invite to Vanar discord: https://discord.gg/zGDmhRm


I can share some cancer. I feel sorry for this Hai player.

Jokes aside. I think there is a strong place for Arcanysts running Alcuin, Seraphim and Auroraboros/Shroud/Reflection

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I have to say that i tried alot of vanar decks in the last couple of weeks so i decided to actually stick to something and master it.

So here it goes - ilena stun + scarzig (it is a rough concept and not hardly as polished as i wanted it to be)

Having scarzig among other major threats will make sure that one of them will survive.
And if by mistake the opponent make it into removing all the scarzigs in mid game --> your late game will be easier due to lack of removel at the opponents hand.
I had a few games with the deck and it looks like a good concept.
I’m trying to find the glitches now, this and i had a hard time figuring what to put in (i had to cut so many good synergies in order to fit the major gameplay into 40 cards.


@alplod I heard you wanted a Vanar Scarzig deck!


This is not a fully working one lol.
Besides i didn’t have a time to properly go on ladder, i’m still in silver so i’ll start running up in a few days, hopefully i’ll see how well it will do on diamond.

P.s - i feel like kara might be able to run scarzig better but she lacks the coolness of ilena.


Coolness is the right word. I crafted Sotw and boundless, will try it sometime.


Dammit, I have no disciples of Yggdra and no spirit for them. What can I substitute them with?

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In general is a good card for ilena, you can place minus instead

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Did you mean Minos? or plus?

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Yes thw red badass with the sword


Bluesteel Plos

3 mana 2/3
Blood Surge: give -1/-1 to a random enemy minion


Blueiron Plos would be a better name imo

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Blueesteel Simon I think you mean.


I support bluesteel, as long as zoolanders face is copied onto the pixal art

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I don’t support this

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Been testing a pure control list, it seems to be very strong right now.

There was another loss but I had to leave to go to the pool, personal health > duelyst.

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Alright, lets talk ratios.

Endless Hunt is the perfect 1 of so we should run at least 1 copy but Linkarl (the best Vanar main IMO) proposed that we should run the amount based on how many minions we play, like this;
30+ 1-0
20+ 2
0+ 1


A late game Embla ends games so how much should we run? As 3 seems too much for such a late game card.



i do feel like wild hunt should match the numbers as given.
even though when i draw it it usually stays in my action bar.

embla i like 3 in ramp decks only for better chance to draw it through out the game when replacing for early drops.


Why 1 EMP? Please, explain.