The Happy All Things Duelyst Celebration Thread!


With the new expansion out very recently, and the holidays around the corner, I thought it was time to celebrate why we love this game. Whether it’s the Game, the Pixel Art, the lore, or the community, or whatever else I’m forgetting to mention, We all have some reason to play this game. SO, I thought that now would be the perfect time to celebrate all the happy warm and fuzzy things that make you keep playing Duelyst. Somewhat overly happy introduction over!

I’ll go first: One of the main things i love about Duelyst is the art, the Pixel art style really sets it apart from other games. The cute, simple style gives most of the characters a weirdly elegant and interesting feel to them. Not to mention the increasingly cool attack animations on the characters.

Positivity is key here, if you’re sad about something The Sad Magmar Crying Thread is somewhere else on the forums.

Anyways, let the happy positivity flow from the forums :smile:


Why I love Duelyst?
Everything, duh.

I’ll rank what I love the most :
1- Gameplay
2- Community
3- Lore
4- Pixel Art

I had a somewhat hard time ranking those elements because they’re all soooooo great


The waifus :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:


What do I love about Duelyst? Heh, the waifus :grin:.

Jokes aside I honestly like everything about the game, aside from a few issues (but those are mainly just cause it runs poorly. The gameplay is great, the board adds a unique edge I didn’t know I wanted in a card game, the music and art direction are top notch as well, and I love that every faction has 2 different styles of play usually.

But by far my favourite part of Duelyst is the lore, counterplay games have managed to make a really tight and cohesive backstory for their game. Plus it’s a card game, card games don’t need lore, but counteplay went the extra mile and add new lore every few updates, and I love 'em for it.

That’s what I love about Duelyst. oh, and it’s a great time sink.

PS. The community on these forums is also absolutely great, everyone gets along (usually), and discussions are actually interesting and thought provok(e)ing (heh bad joke)


Really loving the deckbuilding combined with tactical turn-based combat.


quick games and browser edition.


I love Duelyst because Serpenti.


CPG’s endless patience with our entire motley crew xD.


Panddo wants to have a word with you about loyalty


I love the Replace Feature. It is honestly a big part of why I started playing the game. Having a useless card sit in your hand the whole game (matchup specific) really sucks. Smaller Action Bar than most other games hand size, but the replacing makes more options avaliable.

Also I really like the freedom that you get. Yeah if you want to be super competetive then playing non meta things is going to take a lot longer, but this last season, I have been playing nothing but my own creations, and I am just about to break diamond.


The major things that drew me into this game was the awesome artwork on the tittle screen and the fantastic music. Of course, I also think the pixel artwork is unique and way more interesting to look at then other games like hearthstone


As of late, deck building has been the most fun for me! So many possibilities, and there’s been a lot of variety on the ladder, at least for me.

And I’ve always loved the grid that Duelyst provides. It was the selling point for me to play the game in the first place. It’s not just playing cards; it’s placing them precisely on a board. It’s manipulating how they engage with your opponent’s creatures. It’s timing when you move each minion in order to create specific interactions among cards. The grid is Duelyst’s sense of identity among other card-based tactic games, and I think that’s what brings the game to life.

Also, the game has Makantor, which no other game has! Therefore, it is better!


Yes, there are some balance issues. Yes, there are overpowered cards. But I gotta say, this expansion has been so much fun diving into. I love it when the Meta shifts and everything is free game. One thing I find hard to do sometimes is to enjoy games when I’m losing (or I’ve lost); I don’t consider myself to have poor sportsmanship, but I don’t like losing either (who does?). But with this expansion, its so much fun to see new cards in play, on either side of the board. I’ve actually rejoiced with my opponent, accomplishing their theme or win condition. I’ve been in a great mood the past 24 hours, grinning every game. Hope others are enjoying this expansion as much as I am!


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