The happy Abyssian laughing thread


I’m pretty happy about the final reveal of all the new bloodborn cards. I think most of us can agree, abyssian got some of the best cards for the expansion, our new grandmaster Variax, some of the best removal in Punish (WHO’S ASKING FOR THIS? everyone with a drop of purple in their hearts, that’s who) in fact, immediately after it dropped, I got back into diamond with my trusty swarm deck.

Feel free to argue, although it might be hard, or join me in a abyssal juggernaut sized laugh. Either way, true happiness deserves to be shared :smile:


Wish I could post a fun gif to encapsule our Abyssian joy but apparently you can’t do that so I’m just gonna leave a simple, behaved, elegant “yay”.


you could find the get rekt bloodmoon priestess gif that’s floated around


Ahahahahahhaaha, Long Live the Abyssian Overlords with our fields of creep and droves of wraithlings.
Also Variax officially makes you awesome…


I don’t have all the abyss cards yet :cry:


me neither, hang in there buddy. Although if you’re playing swarm lilith, cryptographer is secretly her card :wink:


Hm, in the few games that I’ve tried Varix, she’s been underwhelming. Although she does bring inevitability if the game reaches turn 9+, she’s very very slow. Every time I did draw her, I would have rather drawn Revenant or Obliterate.


are you playing cass? I feel she’d be better in lilith

As a side note, The happy Abyssian laughing thread had surpassed The sad Magmar crying thread in both views and posts :wink: nvm, were even in posts now :confused: were behind in posts now :frowning:


Yeah, I tried her in Cass. I will try her out in Lilithe eventually, 5/5 wraithlings sound like a lot of fun.


Loving Variax. From the moment you play her onwards, the opponent is fighting the most uphill battle thet can imagine. And what’s even better, immune to dispel and she’s got a nice body.
Also cryptographer is beast, turn 2 cryptogrpaher into furosa into bbs for an incredible opener


The Abyss Grandmaster is crazy :smiley: 2nd win con if we can’t draw Obliterate. Punish is doing great too. Swarm decks have more treats than Shadow creep decks in this expansion.


You’re poor, right? Welcome to the club. T-T
P.S: First try & I got Ethereal Blades, GM Embla & Sunbreaker. Songhai’s fine but I got no decks that’s compatible with the other two.


i opened 7 orbs and still only got necrotic sphere, (which so far is not very good) variax (who i havnt managed to actually summon yet), and aphotic whatever which i didnt even put in a deck.

i mostly got vetruvian cards… not even the GOOD vetruvian cards like nosh-rak or incinera

ive actually been having more luck with vanar. my solo faie deck is pretty fun even if 9/10 i dont get a turn 1 play


I got furosa, punish, and necrotic, on my 4th orb I think? One single orb (!)


i cant believe nobody has posted THIS masterpiece in the happy abyssian laughing thread

I for one welcome our new shadowy waifu overlords


Got Variax and punish in my first and 3rd orbs respectively. Such fun such meme such still don’t know what to do with my shadow creep deck


how is obliterate more reliable? the only times when dealing damage with Obliterate is better than summoning a potential swarm of 4/4s (creating creep is definitely NOT hard to do) is when you can completely clear the board or when lethal is in reach.


or u can DFS for a 5 mana variax like me :smiling_imp:

Edit: also Arcane devourer


Yeah, if you summon Variax for 5 mana due to darkfire sacrifice its the most op turn ever. And punish is efficiency at pure state


Been trying to make her work in a Darkfire Deck, but even then she seems to slow. Its to bad she is so cool, but pretty much without fail id rather just play any death watch unit, or the smaller wraithling buffs. Super fun to play with though.