The Greatest Endgame Ever! (DWC November Qualifier - NoWayItsJ vs MrEnderman Game 4)


One of the greatest finales to a game I’ve seen in a long time, and has the added bonus of our casters going crazy over it!


makantor jesus decides the winner


Our Lord and Savior has SPOKEN!


Brutal 360 noscope replace into Makantor Jesus. Mad skillz bro.


He so loved the world he gave his only “Greater Fortification”


Someone needs to make an overedited montage out of this with obnoxious dubstep music and effects, CoD hitmarkers, horns and all that good stuff.


Are you forgetting the Doritos and Mountain Dew?


That good sir goes under the “all that good stuff” category. I’ve thought of everything, don’t worry.


Alright then, I don’t have the skills to do that however, we’ll need to find someone


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