The great and powerful firetruck songhai deck


this deck last month helped me get into diamond. this month it has helped me to at least get into gold. i named it firetruck because it can mow people down real quickly, just like a fire truck can run over people real quickly. lol if you can think of any changes that would be good let me know. there is probably similar deck builds out there.
the captain/general/commander: kaleos xaan
inner focus x3
juxtaposition x2
katara x3 (i love this card)
mist dragon seal x3
saberspine x2
shadowwaltz x3 (if i could marry cards this one would be it)
ephemeral shroud x2
kaido assasin x3
gore horn x3
killing edge x3
lantern fox x3 (burn baby burn)
spelljammer x3 (love the draw)
onyx jaguar x2 (love this card)
scarlet viper x2
grandmaster zendo x2 (helps remove the people who likes to hide in corners)

i might have over sold the deck with such a title, lol.


Pretty standard Backstabhai isn’t it ?
Advice : maybe use for deck posting, more convenient, faster to “read”.


that website wont allow me to download the landscape or other things, mostly because my computer is 4+ years old and isnt the greatest on doing things.