The Gosh Diggity Shimzar Orb!


So, I’m sure there’s big things going on at CPG since the Bandai Namco merger and I mean even on steam there’s a link to the article about sunsetting. And its not two weeks old yet, so imagine there’s plenty going on with that.

Notwithstanding, I have this against CPG: like a month ago I got an extra Shim’zar orb from a glitched boss and I still can’t open it or get rid of it. Please remove the unopenable orb from my inventory. It’s just a nuisance as it kicks me back to main page if I accidently click it and occasionally has caused it to freeze (which forces me to log out because Duelyst crashes are just the worst for some reason).


If anybody knows how to get rid of this…


I still have that same orb as well. You’re suppose to send in a ticket to support to get it fixed, but I never got round to it. I did mention it on the forums when it happened but hasn’t been fixed without sending it to support.


I put a bug report on the forums, and it has gotten removed after that.
So I think if you just send in a ticket you should be fine.


I was able to open my cotrast-changing doom orb after the sentinel bug fix patch. If it still does not work, maybe try a support ticket?


Definitely reach out to customer support - pretty sure we have a fix for that.


I had a lot of Keys (from inside the Boss Battle crates) not working in the past. And I mean a lot - not only one time. It almost always helped getting a second key of the same rarity. Or a third if the second didn’t help. The locked Key was unlocked then.
It may be the same logic behind Orbs that can’t be opened - I don’t know.

I opened a ticket but the time I got an answer I had no locked Key in my “inventory” so I ignored it.


I sent a support ticket for the same bug, and they

“refreshed your inventory”

within one day


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