The golden Army, and other good stuff


Earlier this week I did some Magmar decks, now I am going to go over a couple of my Vetruvian decks. I was going to wait until next week but I made a post theory crafting about some vetruvian stuff.

The deck pulled a little bit of theory from each of the three I am about to post. There was some interest expressed in them, and I was constantly having to reference this post that I had not yet made, so here it is a bit early. Fear not, I will do something else next week, I have several weeks planned out ahead.

So the first deck really is nothing fancy, I don’t even have a cool name for it. But it is the Vet Deck I will do quests with on the ladder. I usually just refer to it as my Good Stuff Vet deck. It starts out with some strong early low curve staples, then about the time top decking would kick in, or there would be a need for draw I instead include four of some of the most powerful late game threats there are, Nimbus, Kron, Aymara, and Dominate will. The decks big curve prevents the need for any draw. It has an answer to every archetype and is just really well rounded packed with powerful value cards.

Edit: Finally dropped fire, dune, and rashas in favor of tiger, falcius, and jaxi. I am fond of the old mini combo, but it is a tad dated. Deck is now quite similar to golden army, but instead of running cycles to help flood, it just curves into a terrifying late game.

This one I fondly call Golden Army, because Vetruvian loves their mechanical guardians, and the way the deck works there really is an army of them, and they quickly become hard to kill thanks to wishes and inner oasis. Bonus points if you get the reference.

Deck plan is simple just flood the field hard with battle pets and cheap efficient threats. Between 9 cycles, its aggressive play-style often ending the game early, and of course its higher curve Kron/Aymara card advantage is not really an issue despite its low curve.

Dropped Dune Caster for Falcius.

Hand never seems to be empty so astral flood is overkill, changed for siphon.

As crazy good as Nimbus is, sadly I think Kron is currently better if you have to choose between them, so made the swap.

And finally my Necron Obelisk deck. It is certainly my favorite of the three. I have a soft spot for structures in general. As for the name, well the deck likes to boost structures with inner oasis making them very hard to kill. And the introduction of allomancer and his very cool necro-techmaturgy flavor just brings out some nostalgia for my fondness of the terrifying unit in Warhammer…the Necron Obelisk.

The deck has a very nice curve preventing the need for draw, and structures are quite strong now with the latest added support. Whisper of sands is absolutely insane, its just a strictly better stars fury. Deck is pretty self explanatory really. It is very strong and can walk over a lot of decks. But plasma storm, light bender, and zen’rui make the deck cry, and all are just common enough to discourage me from playing it.

Edit droped Wind Obelysk for Falcius.

I am currently S rank (High of 57, have dropped since due to testing and having fun.) Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better when I do eventually get around to it. Check out last weeks post: Masochistic Jutsu.

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wouldn’t it be Necro-techmaturgy?


I stand corrected!