The game is too fast paced now


With so many early game threat, game usually decided by turn 3.
Turn 1 flash + kron, turn 2 chrysalis burst, no answer = gg.
The most problematic card is probably kron, who play first and the other cant answer immediately = mostly gg.

This game is not fun to me anymore, more like playing coin flip.


Kron needs to become a 6 mana card.


Doesn’t feel fast nor like a coin flip from my experience. But then again I try to play around things and optimize my decks to avoid situations like in your post from losing me the game.

Either way, if you dislike the game just take a break or quit it all together. No point in playing the game if you don’t enjoy it after all.


Step back and then reassess your games. It’s good to take a break and watch the replays of games you have lost to see what you could have done better. Most games should not be decided by turn three.


I understand that you have had an infuriating and ridiculous loss against a Magmar recently. However, merely concluding the meta with an experience from only one game is a little rushy. If you could provide other examples and experiences on how fast the meta is right now, we could continue the discussion with more depth.

Handling threats is a complicated matter - it involves your deck-building skill, anticipation of common threats, and also luck. You anticipate that there will be loads of Magmar who run Chrysalis Burst on the ladder, so you tech in a few Blistering Skorn in your deck. Still, you could do nothing when you couldn’t draw into a Skorn when the opponent poops out 4 random eggs on turn 2. Even if the game is partially dependent on luck, your skill and wit is also crucial. Knowing when to replace for more aggresive plays and when to keep answer cards instead of tempoing it out is a complicated matter that takes a lot of experience to master.

Indeed, sometimes you play against an unbeatable starting hand, and that certainly doesn’t feel good. But you also have to consider that on other occasions, YOU are the one who get the perfect hand to pull off your dream combo on your first few turns. This game is somewhat dependent on luck, and hence some absurdity happens. Those doesn’t happen often tho, so just get over it - maybe taking a few-day’s break from the game would sooth your frustration?


Thanks for the replies.
In my case, most games end around turn 5~7, but by early turn I probably know who is gonna win. It’s because there are many snow ball cards like lantern fox, owlbeast sage and now kron.
Who can’t deal with those cards efficiently probably lose.

I hit few s rank before, now only do daily quest at gold~diamond.
And the kron problem start at diamond, most players dont have 3 kron below gold rank.


That’s just a case of confirmation bias. The large majority of my games go past 8+ mana and Ive played upwards of 200+ games this month.