The Functional Card Text Project (Alpha) - Feedback Needed!


I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate you or someone else writing up a handbook for these distinctions! I’m not sure that’d offer something that’s not on the Gamepedia though.



Well, I guess if you had to pick 2 things to respond to…

though you could have at least included the smiley in the quote so people would know it wasn’t intended as harsh as you have implied.


Apologies, maybe I should’ve quoted this part instead:


I didn’t find anything else in your comment that engages with what I’m trying to do. Parts are just your opinion and the rest is a discussion of how certain keywords work. And frankly, you casting aspersions on my motives for doing things plain old hits a nerve with me which in turn really dampens my enthusiasm for discussing with you.


Inquisitor Kron would be worded similarly to Pandora

“Whenever you replace a card, summon a 2/2 Prisoner with Rush, Ranged, Frenzy, Flying, Forcefield, or Provoke at random on a nearby space”

I don’t think Spriggin can be templated well. Each Spriggin Kin has a very wordy effect.

Yes. The only exception is Aspect of Shim’zar. That spell can transform a minion into any Battle Pet except RAWR.


Kron should work out, judging by the length of your text. It really annoys me that I wouldn’t be able to apply the same template to all of these cards, makes me want to default to the shortest version. It’s not a huge deal becasue Spriggin doesn’t see a lot of play. I’ll think on it a bit more.

Those Battle Pet spawn pools are a total mess, yikes. Thank you for the illumniation.

To everyone: I’m making revisions behind the scenes and will be sure to update for Immortal Vanguards when it drops!


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