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The first time i got into S and the in depth guide on the "toxic" deck i played with to get to S

Please do not use this post for flame wars and salt please and thank you

So last season with only 3 days left i took variants of reflection Faie from rank 5 to rank 0. Yes the achievement is undercut by the fact that i played Faie but i only picked Faie as i knew i was good enough to take a strong deck to S in a short amount of time, i do not feel good for playing this (heck i said it was toxic in the title) but i find its the least toxic out of mantra and aggro eggs cause atleast you can tell lethal is coming and that you can prevent it

This is the completed deck lists but there is nothing here i want to add or take away really but in card choices i will go over what could be there.

The completed deck list is Ramp Reflection Faie hybrid and i think its the best deck for Faie as normal Ramp doesn’t run reflection but could do with the extra burst and Reflection Faie loses if it doesnt get any of the pieces.

Now lets get into the card choices! (If there is 2 at once then that means they go together)

Faie Bloodwing

I picked Faie over any other Vanar general cause inevitability is powerful in control decks.

Crystal Wisp & Mana Death Grip(MDG)

These 2(6) cards are the heart and soul of the deck, it allows you to go into your win-conditions quicker and finish the game faster. Fun Fact: While i was playing reflection Faie i didn’t run Crystal Wisps and MDG was onlly ran at 2 copys, no wonder i lost so much.

Moonlit Basilysk & Hearth Sister

These 2(5) cards are incredibly powerful when combined together this combo has won me more games then i can count… Moonlit Basilysk is only bad in the Vanar mirror and wins almost every match up, just summon this turn 1 and sit on it till you are comfortable Hearth Sister’ing this card in, i have a positive match up against Shidai because of this card. Hearth Sister was used a grand total of 1 time to Warbird something and i just felt horrible to do it, this card is ran at 2 cause i don’t want to see it in the mirror but seeing it to combine with Basilysk is very powerful.

Aspect of Shimzar(AoS) & Thunderhorn

These are the 2(5) cards i want to replace the most over the 84 games i played with them. Not once did i get the combo off, i think i saw it once and decided i had a better play. (I think it was against celestial sward) Aspect of the ravager(AotR) feels like a better fit over AoS and something like Night Watcher might be better over thunderhorn, but thunder horn isn’t weak to dispel.

Flawless Reflection, Spirit of the Wild(SotW), Ghost Seraphim & Grandmaster Embla

These cards are how you will close out a large majority of your games, either by playing Embla and them having no out, playing Embla and then casting reflection on her next turn or by the Ghost Seraphim + Flawless Reflection combo. There is nothing else to say except you need to see at least one of these cards to win the game. Spirit of the wild is weaker then a lot of these and you kinda need the Ghost Seraphim to make this card work… i might actually get rid of it cause it only won me 2 games, btw i did gt off Ghost Seraphim + Reflection + SotW for lethal. TIP: I f you get reflection never replace it unless you get your second copy.

Gravity Well & Luminous Charge

These are the other part of the Ghost Seraphim + Flawless Reflection combo, you need to see multiple copys of these cards every game, either to create a big enough board or slow down your oppenent. Gravity well also makes a great opening.

Blue Conjurer

Any variant of Cassyva is usually a losing battle for me cause Desolator is just so strong, but this card will carry you through the match up, as you can usually beat Cass at her own game with your own infinite value generators. At 2 cause its only particularly handy in 1 match up but is good in others.,

Chromatic Cold(Cc or CCold), Frigid Corona & Frostburn

You’re playing vanar, what do you expect, do you not need these cards?

(Im using AI to show) Example Openings:

Personally i think the meta is kinda like rock paper scissors where Sidai beats Ragnora, Ragnora beats Faie and Faie beats Shidai.

Weak matchups:
Control Faie Variants
Cassyva variants
Aggro Ragnora

Surprisingly some people don’t think that Faie is toxic.


Yes im taking this to S this season, gotta make use of those reflections i crafted and i think the game is telling me to.

clearly this game wants me to take vanar to S



congrats though.



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Should I leave, then? It’s kinda in my name.

I’m not here for flame. I’m here to shame.

But srsly though, even though you used a tumour to climb ladder, congrats


Yeah you should leave, unlike any deck with burst this one tells you before hand that they are going to kill you do I think a tumour is a bit of an over statement.


Forgot to mention my weak matchups

Control Faie mirrors
Aggro Ragnora
Cassyva variants

Main post will be edited.

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I think it’s called toxic, tumor or cancer because it’s spreading.
Anyone that want to grind can see how it’s efficient and easy (and almost inevitable) and is lazily using it, hence spreading the disease, making it even more well known, spread and rampant.

Not judging (you already know my thoughts), just explaining the choice of words.


who doesn’t want to have a reason to call people filthy net Deckers


Does it count as toxic if it’s my own brew?


It ain’t your deck tho.

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My current ladder deck is homemade. It’s, well, pretty damn good, and 100% i n t e r a c t i v e . I’m chilling at a 90-ish% wr right now, losing only to myself making an adult misplay.


Mine is the same!

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Just not ragnora

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Yeah running around with Ragnora Decispikes. We’re so proud of you isgopet. Definitely glad your back and playing that meme deck to success. Pretty hard to do tbh.

aside from that, congrats flygon. Muramasa was right tho Ragnora is the new cancer.


If you think this is toxic wait till you face shidai mantra.

Seriously, **** shidai mantra.

Ragnora is not that toxic yet


I have shidai mantra a shit ton, a really good match up for this deck.

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I think the overuse of the word toxic in this topic is toxic.

GZ on S-rank though, even with faie, climbing through Diamond in 3 days is something, i was already stressed because i had to do it in a week after goofing around for too long


the crazy thing was in total it was only 22.5 hours long average, and if I was playing this build earlier it would be a lot shorter. Play was over 3 days playtime less than a day.

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