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The Final Word-to-Card Contest [It's Over Anakin]

Sorry I’m a day late

Welcome to the seventeenth and final Word-to-Card Contest! Let’s design some cards while the world burns, shall we? Choose a word and create your masterpiece:

  • Science (chosen by alplod)
  • Gratitude
  • DOOM

:crossed_swords: BONUS CHALLENGE :crossed_swords:

TRIAL: Make your card include a new keyword or mechanic that you would like to see in Duelyst 2: Electric Boogaloo.

DESTINY: If your card is tied with other designs when the voting stage ends, your card gets an extra entry into the Discobot tiebreaker.


Who even cares anymore?

Submission Format

Make a card on this website and upload it here (recommended), or (if you are planning on changing your card often before the deadline) use this format:

Name (Cost)
Faction Type [Attack/Health] (Rarity)


Praise the Sun! (5)
Lyonar Spell (Legendary)
If this is the third time you praised the sun this game, restore your General to full health.

OR (this way looks way better)


1st place: If you’re on my Discord server, you will get the title Cardsmith (or upgrade to Legendary Cardsmith if you are already a Cardsmith).

Important Dates

February 15 – Submissions close, community voting begins

February 22 – Community voting ends, winners are honored

:mysticup: GLHF! :sirpenti:




Edited the stats as requested
Also don’t count my submission, i’m posting just for fun.


Would be nice if you changed the atk, health.
To 27, 02 or 20,20.


You forgot some text there: “Can only move and attack if you kneel to Epic Games or buy a PS5.”


No one can kill it, no matter how many times it is destroyed, it will reborn.


Isn’t everyone posting for fun, especially at this point, when there are no real rewards for winning and the game the contest relates to won’t even exist a mere five days after the contest ends? I will certainly count your submission, unless you meant that you’re going to design another card that you want to be your real submission. But, if you look at the updated rules, there’s nothing against one person submitting multiple cards this time around. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chemical golems are 3 mana 6/6 Golems, who can only act after a spell has been cast this turn. They belong to the enemy.
Chemical Catastrophe:8 mana destroy all minions, deal 1 damage to the enemy General for each minion destroyed, then deal 4 damage to the enemy General for each enemy Chemical Golem destroyed.

All 3 keywords


well this is unfortunate
I haven’t played very much recently since I have to do it through a web browser. If anyone wants to add me on some platform outside of this forum, feel free to pm me. I’ll make sure to check this forum the next few days.
Presumably this forum is going to be shut down too, hope someone is archiving it – I don’t have much of value posted here (all my custom cards are saved to computer).
Anyway here is submission 1.


Anyone else?

3 days left.

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Introducing High-Five, a new keyword that triggers when the minion it’s on (this) moves through another minion (that). This keyword can cause some fun unclear-sounding descriptions (“this and that”) to honor the memory of LeTigress and Lodestar and the rest.

You don’t want to high-five with this guy, which restricts how you can move him if you have other minions around.

It’s Vanar, so no one will say it’s unconditionally better than Saberspine Tiger. :wink:

This (no pun intended) is where the wording kind of falls apart (the two instances of “that” have different meanings)… but it’s still understandable. Also, I can’t believe I made Healyonar support – as if it needed any.

Is this even good? Does looking at the elbow even help?

Giving Makantor high-fives since 1932.


Time for the final vote in Word-to-Card Contest history. :sob: Make it count (twice)!

  • Nuclear Winter
  • Godfall
  • Duelyst
  • Last Alchemist
  • Apocalyptic Prediction
  • Moral Supporter
  • The Heavy Hand
  • Magic Missile
  • Pain Eater
  • Look at the Elbow
  • Chosen of the White Palm

0 voters

If you think it’s unfair that I have multiple entries, just don’t vote for any of them. I actually have every motivation not to win, but the more options a poll has, the better. :wink:


Just in passing, this was a very nifty idea!


Where is “they are all either overpowered or unplayable with nothing inbetween for which reason i like none of them”?

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I don’t know what you’re talking about. Godfall is very playable… or, at least, it will be soon™.


Last day for last vote of last contest.

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Even though it is super broken—

Had i voted it would have been godfall


The last discobot tiebreaker. :sob:

For first place:

1 – Godfall
2 – Nuclear Winter

@discobot roll 1d2

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:game_die: 2


:mysticup: Congratulations to the winners of the final Word-to-Card Contest! :snowchaser:

1ST PLACE – @bepoest

2ND PLACE – @reignzu

3RD PLACE – @duzt

I have to say, it’s about time @bepoest got first place. And with a wonderfully pessimistic card to boot! You’ll have to join my Discord server to collect your title and get a

Thank you to everyone who has participated in these contests, and may Serpenti be with you! :sirpenti: