The "Discoverable" Compendium


Let’s compile a collection of “Discoverable” answers to the Denizens of Shim’Zar expansion.

Here are a list of the known burning questions so far:

Q: How exactly do Battle Pets behave?

A: Reddit post on Battle Pet behavior --@archer4 (TLDR: Battle pet will move toward a random enemy among the nearest enemies if no enemy is in melee attack range and attack a random enemy among the nearest enemies if it can, even if Ranged)

Q: What are the neutral token Battle Pets?

A: Known list from Token Battle Pet thread:

Dex, 1 Mana, 2/5 Battle Pet, Celerity
Fog, 1 Mana, 1/1 Battle Pet, Dying Wish: Put a random Battle Pet into your action bar.
Oni, 1 Mana, 1/1 Battle Pet, Forcefield
Rok, 1 Mana, 4/4 Battle Pet, Cannot move.
Sai, 1 Mana, 3/3 Battle Pet
Ubu, 1 Mana, 2/3 Battle Pet, Flying

@obsidianbottle @excogitator @doomdotexe

Q: Do you get to control a Battle Pet when you reactivate it?

A: No.

Q: Are the “random Battle Pet” selections weighted toward faction Battle Pets?

A: No.

Q: Does controlling two Darkspine Elementals make your Shadow Creeps do 4 damage?

A: Yes. --@archer4

Q: Which Obelysks can Allomancer summon?

A: ???

Q: What are Soulburn Obelysks?

A: Soulburn Obelysk, 3 Mana, 0/4 Structure, Summon Dervish, Destroy any minion that deals damage to this one. --@arananthi @ramsaybolton

Q: What are Bloodfire Totems?

A: Bloodfire Totem, 2 Mana, 0/4 Structure, At end of EACH turn, deal 1 damage to your General. (Spinecleaver summon these under your opponent’s control) --@arananthi @ramsaybolton

Q: Which abilities can Inquisitor Kron’s Prisoners have?

A: Confirmed ones so far:

Rejected Thrall, 2 Mana, 2/2 Minion, Forcefield
Ruined Slave, 2 Mana, 2/2 Minion, Provoke
Dispirited Prisoner, 2 Mana, 2/2 Minion, Frenzy
Broken Captive, 2 Mana, 2/2 Minion, Rush
Drudging Servant, 2 Mana, 2/2 Minion, Flying
Toiling Vassal, 2 Mana, 2/2 Minion, Ranged

@doomdotexe @excogitator

Q: What is a Riddle?

A: Riddle, 2 Mana, Spell, Give your opponent Riddle. It cannot be replaced. --@ramsaybolton

Q: Can Abyssal Crawler randomly “re-creep” your own Shadow Creep?

A: Yes.

I’ll update the list as people contribute answers (or more questions =S ) and who is to blame if the answer is wrong. =S


Can confirm that controlling two darkspine elementals makes your Shadow Creeps do 4 damage.


Soulburn Obelysks are 0/4 Obelysks (summoning Dervishes like normal) that kill any creature that deals damage to them.

Bloodfire Totems are summoned under your opponent’s control, and are 0/4 Structures that deal 1 point of damage to their controller at the end of BOTH player’s turns.



One more question: What is the riddle from the “Sphinx” minion?


2 mana spell - give your opponent Riddle. it cannot be replaced


Some of Kron’s prisoners:

Fun fact: Prismatic cards replaced from the action bar summon prismatic prisoners!


I like how Kron’s Prisioners are the brown Dudes from the alpha!


There’s a reddit thread on battle pet behavior that details it fairly well.


He also has a rush one


So Sphynx is garbage then, cause it can just rebound to your hand.


You forgot a neutral battle pet. Koi, 3/1 cannot be damafed by generals


Found a Flying and Ranged Prisoner. No Celerity ones so far


That’s actually a card, not a token neutral Battle Pet (only token neutral Battle Pets and faction Battle Pets can be pulled as “random” Battle Pets).


Interesting. It’s like they really wanted Dr. Kron to be strong. =S

Celerity would have been of limited use on a 2-health minion, surely not good enough for Dr. 5!