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The Devs Don't Want You To See This: Extend Your Collection Instantly!?!?


[clickbait intensifies]

Well, it didn’t even take that long. I have modified duelyst.js so that all tokens show up in your collection, with the following exceptions:

By Necessity (Duelyst won’t load if these are shown in your collection):
-Bloodbound Spells
-Neutral Spells
-Kage Lightning

By Choice:
-Building (has no abilities)
-Relics (have no abilities)
-Gauntlet Exclusives (don’t show up)
-Boss Cards (don’t show up)
-Sentinels (have no abilities)
-Chrysalis Egg (has no abilities)

Once you get your hands on this, you, too, will feel like Hsuku (except you only can get 3 of every token :magdown:)! And the best part is that you can add these tokens to your decks and brawl it out with yourself a nearby friend in Sandbox mode!

So, what would you like me to do?

  • Add all the cards you excluded by choice (that will appear) and then upload the duelyst.js

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I want you to find a way to avoid Duelyst crash with the cards you skipped “by Necessity” :wink:


Looks like I guessed the idea wrong.

I was thinking of disenchant all Epic and Legendary cards.
Craft as much Serpentis as you can. (Never hit auto disenchant after.)
Now you have more total cards in your collection :smile:


:sirpenti: man that is some real devout worshipper taura poop right there


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