The Deck That Actually INTERRACTS With The Board


Soo, last time I made a decklist and asked for feedback, let’s just say I was already starting to burn out, for various reasons. I also basically abandonned the idea of a Lilithe Variax deck because, I finally realized it didn’t fit my criteria of fun in the end.

But now, I return, with a title I tried to make as clickbait as possible! Why? BECAUSE REASONS
For this specific list, I AM NOT ASKING FOR HELP. I do not care in the least if it’s friggin’ bad, I’m having a hella lot of fun with it, and it performs very well, in Silver. Yes, yes, Silver is basically noob-bullshit tier but I’m not getting out of there, I barely have time to play anyway. ANd I barely have the skills to hit Gold sooo, without further going off topic, here is the list!

I had some Spirit laying around (opening Prismatic DFC ftw) so I decided to invest more in this Creep deck I have wanted for so long now. It’s my baby, I love it. Do I love it more than my Magmar babies? There is no such thing as favoritism amongst my children!

Now, I see you typing: “But Wize, this is a regular Creep deck!” to which I answer: hell it is. But with some gimmicky cards added for the lols. Namely: Darkspine Elemental, Shadow Nova and Night Fiend. Those three are the cards I believe make my deck more “unique”. By using Shadow Creeps fully, I believe I have created a deck, that actually interracts with the board. The Obliterate is there because, setting stuff up and blowing it up uses the board to an extent so, I included it.

So, tell me, what do you think of my horrible wall of text which most of it had nothing to do with the deck? Or the deck itself? As my senpai would say…

Post Scriptum: No “where is SpecRev”, I don’t actually intend to craft them. Unless I get competitive.


Lol’d. Like the comment, dislike the Variax and Magmar love :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you enjoy your deck :slight_smile:


If you’re having fun with the deck then you reached the goal of why playing Duelyst.
So have a lot of fun!


I’m a simple wraithling. I see meme, I press like!


Where is SpecRev


So … summary is :

  • don’t even comment my post
  • stfu, I don’t need help
  • I’ve spent some spirit to make creep-Variax-OP-flavor-of-the-month deck
  • stfu, I don’t care
  • I’m steamrolling on beginners in Silver
  • Yes, I could be higher, but less steamrolling in Gold
  • stfu, I don’t need SpecRev to execute guys in Silver
  • discuss

Got it right ? :wink:

Damn frenchies :stuck_out_tongue: :fr:


As a CanceReva spammer, I don’t even know what the board is.


Well, to be fair, variax in cassy is more than fair. You usually can’t play dfs and losing your ping sucks


Ok, it’s not as stoopid as Lilithe but with 3x Shadow Nova, it’s decent, trust me. Surprise gangbang for 7 mana :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the point of this thread if you don’t want us to critique the deck? Is this a meme thread? if so, plz refine ur memes first. What exactly are we supposed to be discussing here? The thread? Did you post a thread so we could talk about the thread? Are you bashing other decks with your clickbait title? I’m not sure this is what the forums are for and i’m very confused by this :confused:


Wi run a similar deck competitively with spec revs. its been a while since i ran a version with darkspines and night fiends though.

If there is ever a card that is similar to the awesome abyssal scar that interacts with shadow creep, then the dark spine and night fiend would become great as there would be an actual reason for them to step on/near creep tiles. It would become the stars fury to abyssians blast


More like a meme than anything else


This thread reminds me of that stupid song about “amazing horse” but here is more like “Look at my deck, my deck is amazing!”. I do want to try something similar tho.
I would definitely replace Gaze for Punish. I remember I recommended it to you for a budget build. Also do you really need void pulse? You don’t have much card draw to really benefit from it.
Ps It’s not a suggestion, just a random thought so please don’t bully me.


Haha, yeah, I do personally think this deck is amazing.
I didn’t open Punish yet but I would use it of I had. Void Pulse, well, it’s good. Heal, + damage combo has its place in any deck iMO. I have enough draw I think, and if I get too low I alwayd have Rite.


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