The Darkjammer Returns!


I was just informed that we’re now authorized to sell 50 more Darkjammer Skins through the Dawn of the Duelysts Matcherino Page! They’ve available from now until the end of our finals tomorrow night so don’t wait! You can also donate $1 for free to the prize pool by signing in, clicking donate and entering the code s2dawn!

Additionally, if you were a backer over the weekend who bought the $20 bundle because of the sold out $8 skin, please send me a private message and I can arrange for a refund. Please don’t wait, as once the prize pool goes out I’m not able to change anything!


We’ve already sold back out of the Darkjammers!

Thank you to the community for your tremendous support! The prize pool is up to $3,466 for Fridays tournament!


Dang, get more :slight_smile:


Hopefully we’ll get authorized for one final batch before the finals, but we’ll see! :smile:


Cool, cool! :slight_smile: