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The Creep Paradox: Why rotation will set balance on its side forever


I mentioned mana as one of the things I would triple right here:


Unfortunately with Hearthstone, Blizzard tends to have an unfortunate case of nerfing a card so hard it’s unplayable.
An age-old example is Warsong Commander.
3mana 2/3 that Gave minions at 3 or below health charge. Now it’s the same cost and stats, but gives charge minions +1 attack. Something to keep in mind is there are not many minions with charge in the game; less than Duelyst id say.


In my opinion, they should give Creep good support so it will be playable in the rotation. They do not need to give it all the support in the first expansion though, but can space it out.
The power level in Wild will rise over time, but in a digital card game that´s what nerfs are for.

By nerfing mostly wild cards, Standard players won`t have to worry about balance changes too much and Wild players have to accept that an every-growing card pool has to come with some nerfs every now and then if they want a healthy format AND new, good cards.


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