The craziest lethal I have ever pulled off. Puzzle included


I feel like I am playing Songhai… So much versatility.


BBS(4), Alcuin, BBS(5), Silhouette Tracer, Attack General.

Edit- In hindsight, I probably should have titled this the “wackiest” lethal. Not really crazy, but I love pulling off wacky things people don’t expect.


It’s a fairly interesting puzzle, but I wouldn’t really call it crazy.


I wouldn’t even call it a puzzle, its pretty damn obvious, the only way this is hard is if you don’t know that Alcuin

can copy BBS


Cute puzzle. I figured it out right away because I play a sabotage deck with Alcuins, Mindwarpers and the like and my lethals often involve using the other faction’s cards. :slight_smile:


There is not even another lethal option… T.T


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