The control deck problem


Duelyst has many different viable decks. But they all share the same kind of winning burst. If the deck doesnt have a burst combo it can frequantly pull of, the deck is not viable. I really wish to have some decks that win relying on a minion staying on board for a turn (something like Exelious).

All decks try to do some tempo beating up or just straight up targeting your general with everything they have. I dont say that having those decks is terrible i just want to hear your thoughts on really slow decks. The reason Zir’an is bad is because she is a general made for those decks.

So what are your thoughts for this topic? Which cards support this playstyle in all factions (cards that actually work)? What does this style needs to be viable? If anyone has some slow control lists i would be glad to take a look


Less aggro more control makes a meta interactrive and healthy. But thats just my opinion i prefer games that encourage strategic plays over just playing on tempo and hitting the opp general. However the reason i dont see control working in Duelyst is the fact that only 6 cards can be held at one time and the other fact that there are 40 cards in a deck meaning that there will never be a fatigue game in duelyst. I do see the developers pushing for vanar to be the control class and i actually do think that this can be achieved if not now but very soon


Whether or not a deck is hard to play doesn’t depend on whether it’s aggro, midrange, control, or combo. As an aggro player you can demonstrate skill by counting your damage constantly, planning ahead regarding which damage cards you need to win, how to take the board from your opponent early on, and how much you can afford to play around their AoE and removal (while predicting what options your opponent has to stop you).

That said, the difficulty of any deck depends on the context, the strength of the cards, and the decisions those cards allow. In the days of neutral flying buffs and celerity sunsteel defenders, of celerity 3/3 lantern foxes that copied themselves, there wasn’t a whole lot to the “combo” game plan. Strong control metas can devolve into boring repeated turns of “I answer your card and play another threat”. Mid-range oriented metas can devolve into whoever draws the cards they need to curve out (and, jesus, when this happens it is by far my least favorite way to play). And, yes, aggro can devolve into constantly going face until you win.

But, speaking as someone whose favorite way to win is by being unkillable vs aggro and pulling off slow combos, every type of deck can have smart, intelligent interactions so long as the best cards are the well-designed ones. That doesn’t mean that aggromar is well-designed, but aggro in general can be and will always be a necessary deck archetype.


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