The Church of the Mankantor (Magmar Thread)


This week in Magmar stuff

After watching the DWC did you see any Magmar decks that stand out to you?

Mech was big winner,what do you use to counter Mech decks as Magmar player Shroud?Tiger Thumping Wave? Emp? Lightbender? Sunset Pargon? What is best option for Magmar a faction without dispel in faction.


From my point of view Mech isn’t a thing on ladder - so I don’t counter it.

Expecting many netdeckers (not meant negative - I’m doing it by myself more then I want) now jumping on the Mech-train I’ll tech in one crossbones if needed.
Puh! Or Rainbow Pony - it might be more useful in general, I love it by it’s artwork and I have a Prismatic one! :heart_eyes:
(Hard facts as you see… :joy:)


Didn’t watch most of DWC but the games I did happen to see were the same match up 3 times. Nothing that I saw really stood out, except for the Songhai decks but that is more due to the fact I want to learn Songhai more but I just don’t have the cards like Fox, Zendo etc to make a good deck.

Its probably why it did so well at DWC because people didn’t expect it. I’ll be teching in Crossbones for a couple of weeks since Mech will probably rise in popularity. On ladder its a thing that is always around, but goes up and down in popularity a lot more than any other deck.


It seems while I was on my… “Spiritual retreat” someone burned down the church. But like the mighty phoniex mankantor will always rise anew.
You can’t spell mankantor with out Man Kan. On the changes they were necessary each and every of them made making cards for magmar difficult. Thumping wave Was and still is the overall best card. Finisher/removal huge burst th is card brought it unless this card becomes 6 mana I dot. See me taking it out. Chrys burst was one of the most devastating p1 turn 2 plays u can make. You had to pray for bad spawns just to come back from such a play. It’s now a mid-late game play but that means cp has no excuse not to print cards that work with eggs or protect them. So a plus for the longevity of the :church:. Flash REINCARNATE Is still THE RAMP CARD one of the main reasons we don’t have a Grandmaster yet


This week in Magmar

  • Valknu in the lore,proves the Green Songhai thing with Valknu leading the Chakri Avatars.The one consistent thing in the lore is that when Magmar show up they kick butt.

  • What strategy did you use against WuJin this week boss, Did you have to switch away from Magmar.


WuJin died almost to a Kolossus. But he had lethal ignored that and prefered killing himself on a Taygete. A win is a win and I took that one :smiley:


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