The Church of the Mankantor (Magmar Thread)


With patch 1.83 coming they are now some very interesting things to talk about in the Magmar World

These are the Magmar related changes

Thumping Wave – Cost changed from 3 to 4.

Flash Reincarnation – Ability changed to “If the next card you play this turn is a minion, it costs 2 less and takes 2 damage.”

Chrysalis Burst – Cost changed from 4 to 6.

Additional note By moving Chrysalis Burst to 6 mana, players will have more time to prepare for it, and we’ll be able to support eggs in much more interesting and powerful ways going forward.

Here are my thoughts

-Thumping wave was a necessary change it is was the card that started the warp from control to a bursty faction.It is nice that remains burst tool and removal but one mana change stops stuff like double thumping tiger and Mankantor thumping . Elucidator thumping is 8 mana play now more expensive than Bounded lifeforce.Overall good move except it steps on the toes of egg morph now

-Flash Reincarnation I don’t like that the change is basically for one minion but the card was obvious design space killer and some point would have been needed to change.

-Chrysalis Burst this nerf is too heavy at 6 mana ,it doesn’t get any same turn use with Wild inceptor,Morin Khur or Egg Morph.So they just killed card it is not going to see any use they might as well delete it from the game because of how hard it was hit. Every magmar player though should realize that Burst is the card that was keeping back egg mar and made the synergy cards to expansive.

On ones that got away

The bias Magmar player in me is happy that nothing happened to Lavaslaher and Ragebinder.I have been telling people for weeks now that Lavaslasher is tool that help slower decks and it seems for now CPG agrees with me.Well actually more likely it is they just wanted to see their new set in a live environment with some of the stuff toned down.

In past the I have been separating these in different topics so it can be easier to follow convo on different topics and going through a big thread can be intimidating.From now i will be doing the State of Magmar stuff in one thread this one.Anyways what are you guys thoughts on the changes


I think Lavaslaher and Regebider should nerf too.


It’s not a big hit like most people wanted. I think it’s some okay changes… A little sad about thumping wave, but what can you do it’s an awesome card. I don’t really get what’s the change to flash reincarnation. What really changed?


The current (soon to be old) version allows you to do things like Flash, Flash, Summon Juggernaut for 4 mana taking 4 damage. The new version means that you have to play a minion after flash otherwise you waste the card, so you if did Flash, Flash, Juggernaut with the new version it comes out for 6 mana taking 2 damage. Meaning the 1st Flash does nothing.


Oh okay, I’m glad I don’t have to face that. So many eggs !!! Thanks for telling me :grin:


I’m so about to try that on someone before the patch hits lol. :smiling_imp:


Thumping Wave - Think everyone knew that a nerf for it was going to come for it at some point so its not really surprising.

Flash Reincarnation - I’m gonna miss the old version, since you could do cool things by double flashing (personal favourite with Taygete for 4 AoE damage). But its understandable that it had to change at some point to allow for over-the-top things to be reduced and maybe allow more fun cards to get made for Magmar.

Chrysalis Burst - At the moment the nerf makes no sense, but maybe with expansions down the line it will. I don’t think its a particularly dangerous card as of now. Its just a card that either gains or loses a lot for you depending how good the opponent can deal with it. Most people don’t use it at 4 mana, and at 6 CP might as well completely redesign the card.

Can’t really say on the newer cards if something about them needs to be done, since I haven’t really played this season (maybe done about 5 games). Think overall the state of Magmar should be fine, C Burst won’t affect current decks, Flash will slow down big minions coming out but that shouldn’t kill Magmar and people may just switch Juggernaut out for something else while Flash Sunsteel is still a thing. Thumping Wave will slow down aggro style Magmar but slower Magmar decks may come into play more and rotate out rush minions + Thumping Wave for more control style stuff.


The one eggmar main here is still completely furious.


I agree that c. burst nerf is to prepare ground for more egg support in the future.


No matter how many times people say that, it still doesn’t justify nerfing it now before those new cards are even teased. Apart from tgat it also really feels like the equivalent of a store raising the price of a product just so they can put it on sale.


Or it can be case of the them making sure that players aren’t use to having Chrysalis burst anymore as a early option.Waiting until there new options does not mean you will be any more happy that burst gets changed but it does break the habit of you playing burst a certain way.

Chrysalis burst wasn’t a good card for Magmar players honestly good riddance,In the past having to depend on such a undependable card was annoying. I am glad i don’t have see any more the rex,gro,Kujuta,Vindicator Chrysalis burst turns.You can make a legit complaint about them moving it to 5 instead of 6 but I rather them take the card of the game and that what this change did. I won’t be surprised to see when the next expansion come that they redesign the card into something completely different.

As Control Magmar(Egg decks are control archetype) player I am happy the biggest obstacle to egg decks being good is gone.


On an unrelated note I just remembered…we got a new expansion and still no grandmaster.


As an advocate of the Magmar Vetruvian alliance and their embassador, I come to you with the following news:

I’ve been playing a very basic Golemar build with Starnhorn, consisting of basically just Core and both expansions, with additional support of a single Golem Vanguisher from an orb and crafted sets of Flash Reincarnation and Golem Metallurgist.

It’s so much fun! It’s just plain old fun, at least against other strong body builds. Playing without high impact cards like Makantor is great. I did a six game run this morning with just a few minor tweaks here and there, and almost every game was interesting.

After Vetruvian, it’s cool to be able to play some big bodies for a change. To be fair, without the support of other high impact cards Lavalasher feels fair even.

Golem vs. Golem (from any faction) seems really enjoyable.


The lore on Vaath and Magmar was amazing in patch.I wonder when we are getting the backgrounds on the current generals remember awhile back they said it was coming


The one eggmar main here shouldn’t be furious.

Now they can make cheap cards that actually let you hatch things.


Good point.
Wild Inceptor as a 2/3 for 2?
Morin-Khur for 3?

Let the dreams come true! :grin:


I was sure I’d still lose! Thank the Croc they didn’t draw into a kill.

Always pack a singleton Croc’o’caust! Cleared the illusionists with that. No way I could’ve gotten there without it.

Last Faie just fed on my Flashonaut’s eggs, and made mana omelets though. ;__; I used the crying emote.


Thoughts on Rifts Magmar

-The Bad

  1. 1 set of 2 drops and it is Phalanxar
  2. No third removal aka egg morph or thumping wave

The Good

1.Natural Selection, Admanite Claws,Plasma Storm aka the core one man army/vaath smash,artifact Vaath.Basically your goal in rifts is to get flash reincarnation, earth sphere(or healing) and some sort of removal to deal with range threats.You go in knowing that need this stuff you will have a pretty good deck

2.If you don’t one man army vaath then Golem focus isnt bad option

Reva is the clear best general early on Rifts but imo Songhai deck doesn’t have a clear path to good deck,I like that I am couple cards away from Vaath Smash with Mediocre Golem minions and is one of few archetypes in game that doesn’t care about 2 drops

(Super) Beginner Magmar Deck - Need Help!

The good thing about having Phalanxar as your early 2 drop though, is that you can pretty much use natural selection on your opponents minion regardless of what it is. Its how I won against a Reva opponent when going first since their dropped widowmaker as their 1st turn play and was able to get close and stay close after that, while using Plasma storms to keep low attack minion out of the match.

Also helped that I got Arclyte Regalia as one of the free 5 upgrades on the free run.


I already gave my thoughts in another thread, but to sum up I’m pretty okay with all the changes except for Chrysalis Burst. They just killed the card without compensation, and they didn’t change any eggmar stuff yet, so we’re just left with a dead card until the devs decide to throw us a bone.

Lavalasher definitely needs to be nerfed, it’s too universally good. Ragebinder I’m pretty okay with; it’s strong but not over-centralizing. There’s definitely stronger 3-drops in the game.