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The Chance of a New Expansion is Equal to the Chance of Seeing a Dinosaur on the Street (50/50)


Where/when/how/why/who said that there will be a Duelyst update in Q4?


CPG doesn’t exactly have the best rep with keeping promises, so just be warned.


I see. This is an interpretation, though. I would like to hear the exact words of the devs (or whoever did the stream).


Counter argument
Go and find it yourself


Discussion of announcement starts around 1:04.

Exact wording: “We’re slowing down updates this year, but we also have high confidence of offering new content in Q4 this year” -Keith Lee

@yaviey is duelyst getting a new expansion or nah?


Thank you, good sir. I finally have the evidence I desired. There is no expansion coming. :sob:


chances are 50/50. in the end as no one of us knows what happens inside their office we can only guess and it comes down to luck and what they decide.


I’ll just wait till the end of the year. If by that time there will be no balance patch/expansions news than i’ll be very upset.


Yeah, chances to have an expansion in Q4 are the same as to meet a dinosaur on the street. It’s 50/50. Either you meet one or you don’t.


Well technically a bird is a dinosaur, I’d say it’s pretty good :thonk:


My limited biology knowledge allows me to conclude that a human is a dinosaur following the same logic.


I see plenty of dinosaurs in every single Magmar match I play. :grinning:


Your move @alplod :slight_smile:


I’m on the street. This is what I see:

No dinosaurs whatsoever. So yeah, 50/50.


Have you considered ninja dinosaurs though?


…I, um…
no…nevermind. All of you, please continue. :rofl:


Grandmaster dinosaurs is my favourite grandmaster.


What about Pirate Ninja Robot Zombie Dinosaurs?

EDIT: They live!


Can I be your bookie pls.


Let’s see.

@discobot fortune