The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Vet is not a faction you choose to succeed, vet is a faction you choose because they cool/fun

I love vet’s playstyle, but it takes a while to learn how to play them victoriously.

May mother aymara and out lord Nosh-rak bless you with their giving


Indeed, as the others have said Vetruvian is not an easy faction to play, but if you are sure on joining us you will certainly receive support from fellow Vetruvians. If you need advice, feel free to ask.

Welcome to the Imperium.


The more you play Vet, the more rewarding it feels to win games :smiley:


Pro tip, dont build my deck its pretty expensive and only gets me to diamond 1, im sure there are cheaper vet decks that can achieve the same thing or moore if you plan on grinding them. Welcome to the Imperium nice to see our thread changed your mind


It’s not as bad as most people are making out to be. A decent Vet player can do very well on the ladder. Try out something along the lines of this deck. All the cards are common or rare so it shouldn’t be too hard to get.

The main change you can make is your choice of a 4 drop, you need a 4 drop with 4 attack to dodge Plasma Storm. I have Windshrike to help with each but feel free to change things to fit your style. This is a budget Vetruvian that should let you get a taste of how the faction plays. If you feel like you enjoy it, try to get cards like Aymara Healer, Star’s Fury, Allomancer, and Grandmaster Nosh-Rak.

If you have any problems with the deck or any gameplay issues in general feel free to pm me, my ign is ShatteredSkys.


Anyway, today i was laddering and i realized that the bloodborn cards doesn’t really help zirix,

Now, you think “this guy is a slowpoke, didn’t he see nosh rak?”

yes i’ve tried him and i have of him the same feeling i have for nimbus: i find myself often thinking "is this a win-more card?"
If you need the board in order to use it, and you have the board, aren’t you just already winning?

I considered the fact it permits to win one turn before with his effect, but this is the real only advantage it gives? (Yes, you can drop it on desperate situation but if it’s a desperate situation…you’ll probably end up losing anyway, especially if you “waste” your turn playing nosh rak)

What are your tought on this?


It isn’t a win more care, its a win card. Reason being that win more cards dont literally finish your opponent when they hit the board, they just put u in an even better situation than u were before it was played. However Nosh-Rak will almost always finish your opponent on the turn he hits the field. I would say he is a finisher not an actual minion


Somtimes you’re halfway to letal and if you don’t that AWESOME bbs is gonna snowball out of control and nosh-rak wins you the game. Is not like nimbus because it changes the game when it hits the board


That was what i needed to ear

Maybe is bad luck but it saved me only one play on a total of ~20 play (actually 2 weeks of games)

Ok, i’ll try it again…


I’m adamantly certain that Nosh-Rak is borderline broken. Like other’s have said Nosh-Rak is a finisher, which something Vet really wanted. For an example, prior to the expansion I was playing versus Reva, she had one card while I had three and maintained the board with reasonable hp. Easy win right? Well because she kept running around the board by the time I won I was left top decking and at 8 hp, if she had drawn a little better I would’ve lost. Nosh- Rak alleviates this by chunking your opponent down to the point where you can finish them off with out of hand damage or outright killing them while providing a massive threat. I tried running two Nosh-Raks in my Obelisk Vet and bumped it up to three very quickly and any time I see Nosh after the mulligan stage I keep him, he’s that good.


Weirdly enough the only time it worked was against a spellhai

Then the others either he didn’t show off, he was not needed for lethal or i lost right after drawing him (and having lethal on board).
Once the timing of nosh rak was perfect and the opponent played concealing shroud :cry:

I’ll wait and see


I prefer sajj over zirix and obelysk btw


Noah-Rak is awesome


Obelisk Sajj

Midrange Neutralish Sajj

I’ll be frank and say no one has made a competitive Sajj deck yet. Midrange Sajj has some potential but I haven’t done enough testing with the more minion based decks. But I’m fairly certain these deck if pilotted right should at least get you to Mid-Gold.


One thing you need to know of sajj is that the “best” deck (artifact sajj) you can do is very spirit-expensive and compared to the cost the winrate is low (at least when you start as the learning curve with sajj is horrible)

But it feels really good when you win with it and probably you will not really look at other factions for a while :smile:

(Btw i like obelisk zirix)


Are these the decks you use? If not, would you mind linking those for me? I’d like to take a look at them.


The undying sajj @RyanH created is actually really good


So I ripped a prismatic Artifact Hunter off of the gold I got after the season ended… And now I want it to work. Damnit.


Prismatics always work, no matter the card just make sure ur artifact is prismatic as well so ur opponent instantly concedes from your wealth


The Sajj decks? Sorry, it’s just a concept I want to test out. I’ve done a lot of testing with Artifact based Midrange Sajj, my conclusion was that the artifact package by it self is too weak and clunky to be consistent and perhaps a minion based Midrange Sajj supported by artifacts could be pretty good. I’m still in the testing phase, so the decks aren’t optimized and I haven’t played enough games to form an opinion yet.

If you’re talking about Zirix, this is the full version I used last season.