The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Isn’t wings a little slow as removal?
I tought you use it as another bait to drain enemy removal before big minions start popping here and there :wink:


Vet has no good removal at range, so I take what I can get. Even if its slow and not ideal. But if it eats a removal or dispel I won’t be complaining.


I just noticed something. Wings is your removal, and you would be fine if it eats (effectively removes) a removal. So your removal can be removed, but in doing so it will remove a removal. Removalception.


My current Zirix build. I like to run a higher spell count than some folks are comfortable with. Eschewed Ethereal Obelysk, because it’s often just too much to protect without the same kind of immediate impact as Fireblaze. The numbers are a little weird but most of the cards share redundancies- and unlike Ethereals, can semi-reliably be positioned to prevent extra damage to my General. Shrouds are Concealing Shroud and Vaath hate mostly. Rejuvenator allows me to angle more towards board control (which becomes easier to hold down with the sheer impact of the spells. 2 Aymara Healers (I’ve outrighted stopped playing it in Sajj,) for tricky shielding. Nimbus and Fireblaze make most of the setup. Cryptographer fuels the Dervish count. for firing off Third Wishes. Divine Spark is what Vetruvian decks desperately needed before, and SF usually kills but has situational value- so it’s a doubleton.


Lol what? I meant first wish xD must have gotten confused by looking at your spells.

While were at it, I find 3 decays and 3 Star’s a little bit too much



Hahaaaa! AT LAST! It dropped in the next orb! I only had to get EVERY other legendary, but RNG has chosen to deny me no longer! I also believe I now have all the Lyonar cards. :smiley:


Looks like you had a blast, yeah im pretty fun too. To be honest though im starting to get bored of Duelyst because of the Magmar faction. From playing Hearthstone before this game i got accustomed to the simple rule of aggro decks being aggro and to that meant being countered by defensive mid-ranged decks and control decks. Also i learnt that aggro decks were not able to efficiently deal with your minions because their decks didnt have the space for removal while also being able to consistently dish out aggro but the replace mechanic in Duelyst allows for this to happen Also if it wasnt frustrating enough facing Magmar’s minions with vetruvian level removal, we also have to not “overextend” and even so if we play anything that isn’t an obelysk then it gets removed for cheap. Just telling you guys why you wont be seeing me around much anymore until i see some proper control decks in this game or atleast one comeback card that isn’t trash


This. I completely agree with you on the point of Vetruvian matchups (especially when against Magmar)

One of the major problems of Vetruvian, and why I personally believe that it is rarely played in tournaments, is due to it having the most counters in the game. All of their Obelysks are shut down either through dispel or Nightwatcher. They have no way of reliably dealing with threats at range, healing, or recovering from displaced minions (either through repulsor beast or daemonic lure), or have reliable comeback cards other than Star’s Fury to deal with situations like Plasma Storm. On top of all of that, I feel like they have some of the most least played cards (including Sand Howler, Fountain of Youth, Orb Weaver, Corpse Combustion- although @F8D did create an interesting dying wish deck centered around it, Pyromancer, Rae, Blindscorch, Mirage Master, Sand Trap, Pantheran, and Oserix to name a bunch), which further inhibits them from getting true usage out of their cards, and forcing stronger cards like Pax and Falcius to be made as a form of compensation.

As a result of this, I don’t think, nor do I want, to see a new expansion in Q1 of January. With mobile being released soon, I think that CPG should focus on having a massive balance/rework patch in conjunction with mobile’s release. I know that they are against buffing cards, bu this could allow CPG to really look at what direction they want their factions to go and re-organize their cards accordingly (although, as a safety percaution they should release the patch about a month before mobile’s release in order to assess what needs to be toned down. This patch would focus on faction cards alone, as I feel that the current neutral cards are in an okay spot for the most part.)

Also congrats @phayze for Nosh-Rak! Is this an orb opening thread I see?!


If you’re still looking for a fun and innovative way of countering magmar then I’d suggest that you play around with incinera and artifact vet. Seriously, if you manage to get more than one incinera down while baiting the magmar gen to one side of the board then all you need to do is equip a wildfire ankh and watch as they pitifully try and claw their way back to attack range. If I still had access to my games from last year then I’d show you a hilarious one where I was pinned down with ~14 health at one side of the board with a 7 attack angry green lizard breathing down my neck. Luckily I already had an incinera set up the turn before so the next one sent me flying across the other side of the board so fast that it was like I was the raccoon that stole cat food in that one video ( A wildfire ankh and some odd turns later I was tipping the guy for putting up with my bulls***.

@phaze Yes brother, truly the stars smile upon you during this great time of celebration. May mother Aymara watch over you as you beat your foes back into the sands form which they came!


Please post or message me a decklist of the incinera version of vett ur talking about, i need some fun back in my life


It’s not the decklist really, it’s more the way you should play against magmar burn:

  • never attack with your face (unless it’s lethal)
  • vomit your hand (his strategy doesn’t change if you have 6 or 2 cards: he will draw you full to 6 cards right away)
  • decimus is a must dispel (sadly vet hasn’t range, but on the other hand is the only back line minion magmar plays in a deck requiring starhorn to hug the enemy, so it’s often on “shroud range”)
  • your only wincon is your board, your only defence is your board, your only way of winning is to make him play reactively (a good board force him to use cards like thump wave as a removal and we want that)
  • sometimes is outright impossible to win against them (sadly): you could have done anything just right but combo like saberspine double thumped (12 dmg on 9 mana) is real and decimus with the new card draw allows magmar to pull out “cheap” double digits combo (out of hand damage, and groove lion does not help).
  • try to always play 2 or 3 cards after the early turns, aymara on 6 mana is always a good bait, but against burn we want her to remain alive and delay lethal so, just don’t.


Also, use first and second wish to make some minions immune to plasma storm to avoid your board getting wiped out by a single card.


tbh, my computer’s been down for a while now so I can’t access the exact deck, but just know that it involved 3x incinera and 2-3 wildfire ankh (your choice on the number, it just has to be over 1 to work). In truth any artifact sajj will do fine just remember to be wary of your hand and bait them away from the middle if you have the incinera combo ready.

p.s. The deck is admittedly hard to play, moreso if you want to ladder, but if you want to have some fun and make the dream come true then just keep playing. It’ll come soon enough :wink:


So i started back and got over my issues, guess the realization that patch finally nerfed the magmar problems with Valknu i realized how much our developers care about us. So you know gotta fight through it and all that jazz. I found that my Swarm Deck has been performing pretty good lately with a pretty good win percent, i dont have all the nerd stats like 60% and 70% but its obviously above 60 because well my Vetruvian win rate is above 60 and i only started playing Vet good since i built this new deck, before i would lose almost every match.
Ill post a revised decklist and an Allomancer skin tomorrow for all who are interested.
Ps. The skin is just for personal viewing.


Okay so to all who will play this finalized version of my deck let me explain how to play each card and why.

Never play dunecaster turn one it is always better to get value out of its opening gambit than getting a pitiful 2/1 minion that dies to bloodtear. Trust me

For playing the obelysk, when you are holding both ethereal obelysk and fireblaze obelysk it is always better to play ethereal instead of fireblaze unless you already have dervishes on the board, the reason being that they both summon dervishes but fireblaze acts as a pseudo opening gambit that states “give all dervishes +1 attack” so you dont have to make a fireblaze stick but u do have to make an ethereal stick. It is also better to draw out any removal first.

Pax is pax, pax is good late game pax is good early game, its pax.

Only two Falcius because the card isn’t an auto-include imo and its usually a bad top deck, however it is useful as early game or sometimes late game, but 3 is overdoing it.

Allomancer is good for blocking off units from attacking your general or other units you would like to keep healthy, seeing it will usually require two cards to remove it. Always keep atleast one allomancer in your hand if possible. No joke

Lightbender is great dispel, it shuts down cass which is an issue for this deck from my experience, it really isnt a bad body imo 3/3. Also its alot better than ephemeral shroud in most cases with this deck because you know it forces you to wait till its the perfect time for dispelling rather than the feeling of rush the 2 mana 1/1 shit gives. Always better to wait it out with this card

SpellJammer is good draw, my deck has 8 draw cards but the 5 are situational and for reason, this deck doesnt need much draw but it does need consistency and thats why spell jammer is great for the body and the consistent draw it gives, when playing this card you never ever play it on 4 mana, cause your gonna end up milling yourself sooner or later, this deck isnt meant to squeeze out minions each turn, but to more so make an efficient play with one. So your burn your Raks

Aymara Healer is good i guess, good for locking down Mechazor and other priority targets, always better to hold as many of these cards as possible in your hand, cause no ones gonna be able to deal with them all seeing that every minion in our deck calls for their removal already, I dont count Dunecaster and Falcius as minions lol.

Starfire Scarab is our reach baby, another one i cant stress, always play this minion when you have the chance. The chance being it doesnt die on board and you have 5 mana, even if it does die on board you play it somewhere as far as possible to make your opponent use their resources on it.

Finally i dont know why people play x2 Nosh-Raks, im a simple guy, i multiply and i destroy the more nosh the better because once you draw nosh rak, no matter if ur at 2 mana or 4, you must always keep one in your hand. Trust me your gonna draw a next one and have an 8 attack general.

Always replace whisper of the sand unless you either have an obelysk in your hand or one on board.
First wish is always used as a late game card unless it provides a value trade in your favour.
Only two Entropic Decays because you are the man that will have board not them you are the legend, only need two cause they not gonna have the chance to develop much minions.

So playing this deck is simple, but playing it good is hard. It is a deck that encourages developing on the board, hence why i have little removal. Your removal is your scaling dervishes. The more you play it you will get it, just take it slow when your on your turns and think of every counter. Magmar is a decent matchup with this deck also, lyonar is cake, songhai is cake, Vetruvian depends on who develops better and is better, Abyssian is challenging, Havent faced much Vanar with this because vanar isnt very popular in diamond from my experience, however the ones i faced was aggro faie and i hate aggro so i went hard on them. Not sure if its a great matchup but it is favourable imo.

Oh and the skin is postponed till i find my other laptop sorry


Dunecaster : He’s right, dont play this on turn 1. You’re better off getting the +2 damage and health while also making a Dervish permanent, try to use this on a wind Dervish when possible.

Ethereal Obelysk : True, play Ethereal first to bait out removal because Fireblaze serves as an opening gambit and therefore out of hand burst to a degree.

Pax : Doesn’t actually have the best impact lategame, chances are you’ll replace into something better. Early game it’s a very solid card and your 2nd best 2 drop as p1.

Falcius : Should be a 3x autoinclude, even if it’s a bad top deck I’d say it outclasses pax and even if it can’t be used to clear a minion then you can go face, do 4, take none and generate a 3/3 that needs to be cleared.

Allomancer : Solid 4 drop, be careful where you position it as the obelysk may unintentionally end up bodyblocking you.

Lightbender : This vs Shroud is personal preference, Shroud is cheaper and doesn’t hold the risk of dispelling your own things and Vetruvian has a lot of things that can be dispelled. Cassy matchup is favored for this kind of deck anyway since you can go quite aggro relatively easily.

Spelljammer : Not a 3x necessity in a deck this slow, you could run 2 and be just fine or even drop these and add 2 Divine Spark + something else. You will end up top decking sooner or later and Vetruvian has surprisingly solid top decking. Including this much heavy draw means you’ll be forced to overdraw and end up milling due to how slow this deck is comparatively to one that would actively run x3 Spelljammer.

Scarab : Solid 5 drop, interchangeable with Nimbus, they both provide value, Scarab does it linearly but infinitely while Nimbus is limited but generates value exponentially. Don’t ever put this guy on the opposite side of the board, keep him about 3-4 tiles away from the enemy (so about half a board) because if it gets dispelled, you want to be able to move that 4/6 body into combat ASAP.

Aymara : No question that it’s an amazing minion, this slow of a deck can run 3 and be perfectly fine, go for it!

Nosh-rak : 3x is way too heavy, if you draw 2 by 4 mana, you’re screwed because 40% of your hand is useless. He’s a 7 mana minion and the meta is not slow enough to allow us to get greedy with 3, neither are we control Magmar with tons of removal and healing to last that long. Running 2x is fine so it doesn’t clog hand but you ctill have a decent chance of drawing them but 3x is too heavy.

SFW : Amazing card, use it all the time, at the end of your turn to widen your options for the next turn or at the beginning of your turn for the immediate draw and the +1/+1 buffs. Don’t use this card primarily for the buffs, use it for the card draw, the buff just happens to be a nice bonus. Use the buff to help keep something on board (like buffing an Iron Dervish to 3/3 so it survives hitting face for example). The only reason you shouldn’t use this card is if it will cause you to overdraw and end up milling.

Whisper of the Sands : You don’t blatantly NEED to replace this if you don’t have an obelysk in hand or on board. This card can generate a ton of burst and end games but it does also draw a card which means that in an emergency, you can use it to draw a card.

Entropic Decay : Personally, I don’t like this card. It’s overcosted and somewhat conditional. This is one of those prime examples of cards that support the fact that Vet has the highest density of garbage faction cards. This card isn’t unplayable per se, but I find Falcius to be more useful, versatile and just overall better.

That’s my opinion on the cards anyway. Also, I wanted to ask why you didn’t consider Stars Fury as a powerful finisher. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability!

     - Phayze Starstrider, Captain of the Guard to the house of Starstrider


Tbh i just dont have stars fury or rashas curse yet lol i aggree with your comments besides the falcius one, cause i found 3 kinda heavy and would hurt since zirix’s damage does not scale i also do find 3 spelljammers heavy at times i dont really know whyb i put 3 of them now that you mentioned it.
Did you try out the deck yet to see how it plays though? So you can tell me which cards were weaker in it from experience


The deck looks good,

-the 3 spelljammer (too many, scale them to 2 or swap them all)

  • 3 nosh rak is too many nosh rak

And add some two drops if you don’t want to play dunecaster on turn 1 :wink:

For reason i don’t really know i would gladly add some alcuin loremaster in this deck, without a logic, yes.


I feel like playing Magmar and Vanar makes me miss out on something after reading this thread.

Can you guys teach a skrub who made it to gold only once, how to play vetruvian? I have some good cards, just haven’t made a good deck. I’ve been using gimmicky decks like mindsteal arcanyst starhorn for mild success, and aggro vaath, and aggro faie. I feel like this game won’t let me succeed if i play magmar or vanar. I feel like i need to play vet.


Well. You’ve come to the right place. However… be warned, if you choose to play Vet, you will lose. You will lose and you will lose a lot and it will feel completely unfair because half the time it will be. However, if you are okay with this, then I welcome you to the Imperium. I’m away from home right now so I’ll get back to you in a couple hours or so.

IGN : Phayze
Add me, if you choose to join the imperium, you will become my apprentice.