The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Tried to cook up a deck with 3 blindscorch to somewhat counteract having to trade health for board control, as well as a few of the low-cost techs to make your early minions more threatening/sticky. But it always comes out too situational, and is of course needless to say far too slow.

I do really wish they would buff Saon, as far as I know she is the only one of the seven sisters you wouldn’t play in a deck based and how bad of a card it is rather than it not fitting your deck specifically.


Really like your ideas,

The other problem with obelisks is nightwatcher too.
If you run zirix that card is intant gg (and with rush magmar becoming more popular it’s not rare to see).

Just…pointing out another problem i guess…


Surprisingly not much. Whispers of the sand and Wind Shrike are my only sources of card draw (3 of and 2 of). I find that with the value that can come out of Vet cards I can run a higher curve than I would normally run in most of the other factions meaning card draw is less necessary for me overall. Since a lot of cards can create other minions from itself. Think my favourite card to use is Crytographer, since it puts on the board 3 2/2 bodies for 4 mana on the right turn. Although not powerful and open to AoE, you’ll only lose 1 card if its all dealt with, it creates more places to play other minions, is annoying for the opponent and potential blocks a number of opponents plays. But then again I could be getting away with all of that from not playing much and not playing against very high ranked players, even at the start of the season.


I know im always doing this but could you share an image of your decklist. Because the main issue ur probably having with drawing Allomancer is the lack of card draw. But i just wanna see how u put ur deck together

Side Note

Im guessing that its a budget deck from your statement of not playing against high ranking players


Its almost the same as the deck I posted early in the topic, removed 2 Autarch’s gifts and 1 Wind Shrike for the 3 Allomacers. Don’t find myself not really needing that much card draw from what I remember but I’ll have a look back at the Vet games to make sure and edit this post (most likely tomorrow). But I usually just use the cards that I’ve got from orbs, except from when I happen to have a good amount of spirit from disenchanting bad cards then I craft cards that are likely to be useful. So I wouldn’t say its a budget nor a refined high cost deck, just some sort of middle ground between the two I guess.


I like the deck but the lack of card draw is really apparent in it, although the deck doesnt seem to really require the card draw anyway as u stated before. Its been awhile since i saw wind slicer but its a good card to play on turn 1 and the additional benefit of maybe reducing the cost of an obelysk is good too. The three zephyr’s seem like more of a stretch or personal preference seeing that the card will rarely do anything unless played after an Autarch’s Gift in a Zirix deck. Also why no dispel tech in the deck? How do you deal with minions such as Abyysal Juggernaut when you run out of Decays. Ill try out your deck and see how it runs to get an understanding for myself


Yeah the Zephyr’s are not needed at all, but I haven’t found a good replacement that would be useful. I could replace them for Shroud but then the curve is lower and I think it would require more card draw for the deck. Other 3 mana cards I’m not really keen on, while I could go higher up the mana curve and add things like Sunset Paragon, Sunsteel Defender, Dancing Blades for removal/sticky minions. As for minions removal for now I usually use Star’s Fury as a secondary/emergency removal if I run out of Decays, which I haven’t yet.


I trust that you will stay true to the sands and not stoop to the levels of a filthy lizard brother phayze


Your really unlucky; Feels Vetruvian Man


No promises. But all I can say is that I’ll never go Red. Since I play 5 factions. But if I were to play one faction, Vet would be one of the main contenders with Vanar being the other.


Psssh, I’d sooner burn down one of those horrific Makantor Churches than join them

Seriously tho, I hate Fagmar, I’m not about to play that stupid faction anytime soon, if I could discard these, they’d already be in the trash can.


I heard about a deck style called Pauper Sajj, and decided to make my own version.

The rules are that you’re only allowed basic and common cards. This looks awful to play and I can’t wait to torture myself.


Where did you find the original of this deck, cause this version seems super budget

Edit: I only just read the rules


I heard that some pro player (can’t remember the name) made it to S-Rank using a Sajj deck with only basics and commons. I thought “Dear lord, that sounds horrible,” and immediately made this and resolved to try it.


Have you tried it out yet? I’m gonna try this using Vet cards only, lesssgo.


Not yet, going through a gauntlet run to get just a bit more spirit.


Zephyr is probably my new favourite vetruvian card. It’s basically a 3/3 which gives your general frenzy for that turn and some control of how your opponent play/removal target


So yesterday I decided to do a semi-crazy thing by disenchanting parts of my collection to focus on making a more refined deck for Vet (and at some point Vanar). After playing 6 games with this version of the deck I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I need Divine Spark for card draw. The reason being out of the 6 games, the 2 games I lost both went on for about 20-30 mins where I really needed the card draw. One was against a Healonar deck which I did alright against (although a losing battle from turn 2/3), survived and destroyed 2 Arclyte Regalia with Grove Lion, while almost living out 3 Trinity Oaths, before the 2nd Holy Immo killed my last line of defense. While my other lost was against a Swarm Variax Lilithe, where I couldn’t really deal with the awesome BBS when it came.

So I’ll be swapping out both Venom Toth for the Divine Spark (which was only in as filler) while I’m also thinking about dropping 1 Ayamara Healer for a 3rd Nimbus. Being honest I just don’t think Ayamara is that useful, having played her. She seems to be just too slow and doesn’t get her dying wish ability off that often due to the opponent having an answer or dispel. Or I might possibly remove all 3 for a 3rd Nimbus and then maybe 2 Kron’s for quicker value and earlier plays. But I’ll keep them in the deck for now.


Yup, and that is one of our “greatest” minion.
So great you often need to use a unicorn to make her die :slight_smile: .

The deck looks strong, and yea the only thing missing is card draw, maybe other than spark i would try putting first wish, and swapping wind slicer.
I would keep terror toth if he’s behaving good (he’s a bait and it deals some damage, mostly for bait as you’ll play a lot of must-dispel/remove in late game).


Instead of wind slicer, I run dunecasters. I also find wind shrike to be better than allomancer because of flying.

Also, more than 2 nimbus feels way too clunky. The third one is a lot clunkier than it seems. The reason is that nimbus is not that good in certain matchups, so while you want it agaisnt faie or cassy, it’s not really that good against reva or vaath. 3 Aymara works great in every matchup, on the other hand.

I don’t really feel the need for draw since i’m almost always playing curve, but I find your deck lacking rasha and star’s fury


I’m worried that swapping out Wind Slicer would leave me too few 2 drops. Since I want to be playing on curve as much as possible, and if I start on the left and can’t play anything it spells trouble. Even if Wind Slicer doesn’t discount anything I rather be able to play a 2/3 than nothing at all. But then again I could always replace it with another 2 drop that has a more reliable ability. So that is something to keep in mind. As for 1st wish, I’m not sure what I would want to replace for it.

He does very little. But I’m not really worried about getting dispelled since Obelysks are still useful for placing minions and with Whispers of the sand can produce 2/2 threats, while the bigger minions still have decent stats when dispelled. The only thing to worry when it comes to dispel is Lightbender because of the number of things it can dispel at once. However, I think I can learn to play better around them through positioning but would take more games (and harsh lessons) to do that.

I admit I haven’t been fully convinced of Allomancer’s ability, but I don’t think I need Wind Shrike because I got Wings Of Paradise to do a role of killing minions that are out of reach with it’s flying ability.

I’ll take your word for it. Since I don’t have a lot of games worth of experience to goes against it. But I feel that Aymara isn’t pulling its weight for its cost, whereas Nimbus has.

3 Star’s fury not enough?