The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


May I know what rank you played in? I’m not trying to bash on you or anything, but siphon definitely hurt sajj more than it does to zirix. Zirix has a bbs that helps him swarm the board with bodies and structures that does the same as well. It can even burst people down from nowhere with whispers and stw as well as stars fury.

Where as sajj has to rely on siphon to answer ranged threats. As for tracer bbs and flavours combo, it’s 8 mana and requires two cards with bbs off cd. And threats that require answering lands way earlier than that. Often times you’re dead when left unchecked for even one turn because you fall behind too much.


I was playing in Diamond 3-2, I was trying to make S-rank with Sajj but this was during the Reva meta so I gave up on that, picked up Aggro Zirix on the last day and somehow made it to S-rank.

As Sajj I just hold try to maintain Ankh if I know I’m against Songhai or Abyssian. Or if I don’t draw Ankh early on I just hug the enemy general So I can just Tracer BBS or drop a Shroud to deal with the threat. It’s not perfect but it gets the job done if I’m not against Reva…


Vets might do okay now??? There’s still cass and their kelainos, starhorn and decimus etc as well as.some random songhais here and there. I wish you luck if you are climbing with sajj and I refuse to play her.Because.I’ve ttried and it’s really frustrating.


Since I do have a third Aymara (and you should totally craft her) I’d consider dropping an Autarch’s for it.


Yeah I feel you, i honestly have no idea how the decks preforms against Burnmar and yeah I’ve tried taking Sajj to S-rank but get stuck at rank 2-3 and have to use Zirix for the rest of the way.


I’ve been using this list

You’ll notice it doesn’t have any spells except for first wish. the deck basically just uses your general as the removal it needs and just puts a bunch of big minions on the field. i’m also missing cards like rasha’s but this has been surprisingly successful for me. i’m surprised by the fact that none of the lists have tracer so far. it’s so good with sajj and has won me lots of games, either as an escape or a surprise removal when used with bbs. tigers are either used for lethal damage or as removal. nimbus is there to generate value and incinera is there for the same reason as tracer. aymara needs no explanation and nosh-rak is a finisher for when they’ve burned all of their removal


Don’t worry guys, just killed an AWESOME Abyssian board with sajj so it’s all good :grin:

spinecleaver+zephyr= bane of Abyssian wall


Did you build a totem house out of wraithling flesh? That sound like a pretty good place to live tbh just slowly look at your opponent’s hp drain out. Send a screenshot next time


With the premise that i’m probably insane.

Aymara healer is the first minion i’ll try to swap with nosh rak. 2 out, 2 in.

My reasons before being forced to leave earth: the deck i’m actually playing uses aymara as an aggro control semi-tech card, needless to say, most of times it doesn’t work.
The real problem is that my version hasn’t the same amount of big things with a “i’m a must dispel and/or remove minion” tag on it. almost every player expect vetruvian to play big minions which are staples of the faction itself, and with the new (and old) removals i simply don’t seem to get that mana i spend on her, not saying she is bad obviously.

As i already said, i don’t like lone minions that are there “just because strong”, aymara sadly fits this description, she is good, she just don’t stick enough to do anything nor she dies without being dispelled (or becomes a trio of rabbits just to commit suicide on the enemy general).

Nosh rak on the other hand can be a good finisher or simply a godly burst on the enemy general and a bit like aymara if it sticks a turn after being played can easily win you the game, it’s like the last piece of the puzzle i’m trying to compose. If it reveals itself not worth (i still don’t see him in my collection) i will put the aymaras in again and look for others solutions (like join our waifu,
“happy waifu happy laifu”).


Will do once i figure out how to do so on my computer (print screen doesn’t seem to work)


this is a very rough deck that i have been using

i just kinda added and toke away stuff so its not relay organised.


How is it going on ladder?
I’m mostly curious about starhorn matchups.

That new deck is killing all the control-ish decks.


1 of the things I would be a bit worried about if running that list is the lack of card draw. Seems like you might gas out too easily if first wish is your only draw engine.


still in silver rank about to enter gold, i have been killed quickly in some matches lasted long in others but i have not seen many starhorns so i’m not a good judge. But in general i have been having a relay good time with sajj than i have head in a month or two.

i have considered adding divine spark but i don’t know what i would take out for it.


I quit playing magmar becose of this, every second game abyssians and if they get blood moon, i have nothing to deal with it. Magmar have very few ranged removal spells that can do something to it and she just gets surrounded by wraithlings the turn she is played, if you kill them a new one spawns on same place.
Vetruvian atleast have blast to shoot it so it isn’t that bad.


Have you considered teching in a few copies of Plasma Storm? Pretty much demolishes swarm until Variax hits the board.


Thumling wave, egg morph(to some extent), plasma storm… Magmar has ways. Vet doesn’t


I run 2 in all deck, usually i can’t draw it in tune or they buff it with a shiro to have 4 attack or even put some deathdancer so killing that swarm takes half my hp…

I even have skorns but now skorns are useless, 4 mana and they already can buff the wraithlings to 2/2 or 3/3 for about 2 mana… Magmar have other weaknesses as well, really risky to play, and don’t seem to be nearly as op as i thought when the expansion was released.

I would like to try sajj, she seems quite interesting in this patch but i don’t have enough spirit to craft cards for her deck…


My current little list. I haven’t done too much this season, but in the last couple days I have been thoroughly impressed by Incinera in terms of proactively defending my healthpool and establishing strong positioning. The plan is rather simple- Mystics and Heralds are healing surges that can occupy the board and mess with things. They’re really easy to fit into the same turn as a Spark. The 5 drop bombs all crunch board and establish domination. Nosh almost always puts the opponent into check, and if following up a Hexblade usually a mate.

Considering packing some number of dispels, but they’re far less efficient than I want to be here.


If I could get close to it to kill it with egg morph i would do it. I have plenty of rush minions in deck the problem is unclearable meat shield on the way. Thumping wave and plasma storm work but only them and they are quite expensive.
Really would prefer blast to just shoot it. I don’t have cards for sajj deck so haven’t played her yet after expansion.