The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


True, guess I should work on crafting one


These are two lists I’m currently playing. The first list can easily swap out Sajj, for Ciphyron. It’s a bit of aggro, with some control.

This list is just fun. Control the early-mid game. 9-mana turn = spinecleaver + frenzy. Unless you can get Zephyr to stick earlier. It’s a lot of fun to play. No one expects this style of deck. Swarm is the only difficult match-up I’ve faced.


Swarm is the only difficult match-up I’ve faced.

but wouldn’t swarm be easy to fight against considering u have frenzy and skorn?


Not when you don’t draw them. 2 Zephyr. 3 Skorn. That’s two, 4-mana(one only if you have positioning +BBS available) solutions.
Zephyr can be played around, after the first one drops. Most don’t expect it to be played. Skorn, of course, hits everything. It’s great against Abyssian. Brome… needs a Thunderhorn answer. Most Brome players position where you can’t wade into the middle of their pack.

It’s a really fun deck. It’s not going to have stellar win rates. I’m at a 50% winrate, as of this posting.
Any super aggro, or spell-based deck, gives it trouble.


yep kinda sucks when ur not drawing them totally agree, and i see u have 2 nosh, i always consider running 1 copy of stars fury whenever i want a nosh in my deck, but thats just my playstyle.


Hey, guys!

I got a Vet quest today and built this deck:

Even got some wins with it. 2-2 in S.

Any suggestions? I’m really bad at Vet, btw.


I would reccomend not playing mechs, but if you want to play with the archetype then I don’t really know how to help as it is not something I have played. however I do think that your early game is weak, the obelysk seems out of place and that inner oasis is a great card for this kind of thing.


Well, that’s a point.


Thanks for carrying the meme :slight_smile:



Can’t help with mechs. With Vet there is good amount of early game synergy using Dervishs, Golems or Obelysks.

I climbed up ranked with a Dervish/DW hybrid type of deck. Went something like 14-1. But I haven’t played in the last 10 days or so. Its still under experimentation and I also have a Golem/DW verison but haven’t played it yet. Might try that for July’s season.


Especially since Sajj can do better using an actual artifact rather than a turn based minion (which can also fall prey to sandsw and BoA)


I’ve recently had a fun time with an old deck of mine that was originally made in the days of UP. Its days of glory are a thing of the past, but it is still playable today with some minor adjustments.

The decks selling point is Astral Phasing. Usually a glorified Mist Dragon Seal, Astral Phasing’s only advantage is that it has the element of surprise on its side since nobody plays around it at all. If people will start playing around it the decks strength will go down greatly, so I would consider this more of a gimmicky deck than a competitive one.

We have lots of healing to survive through the rather aggressive meta we have today.

Wild Tahr is the prime target for Astral Phasing because he can grant ridiculous value. For this reason, you should almost always keep him in the back so that your unsuspecting opponent will pump his attack up to a respectable level before we unleash the flying pigs on them.

Thunderhorn is the №2 target for Astral Phasing. Like Tahr, T-Horn really appreciates the +5 HP boost that comes with the ability to fly.

Sandswirl + Blood of Air are the standard removal package, nothing to comment here.

Superior Mirage is a tech card that can be removed to make room for other tech cards like Lightbender.

Fault is plan B for whenever you end up in the lategame and are far from finishing off your opponent. It isn’t as good for this purpose as it once was because Fault + Kha’s popularity means that it is very likely to get overridden by your opponent’s Fault.

Aymara is completely optional. She is good VS Wanderer and bad VS Vet. Swarmking Scarab is a good alternative to consider since he has synergy with Astral Phasing.

EMP is still very good even after the nerf to his stats. Deploying him in the back so that you can Fly him to your opponent on your next turn is completely Viable.


I’m not so good with Vetruvian, and I was really lacking an enjoyable deck to do my daily quest if it pointed to this faction.

A benevolent senpai helped me fix my horrible first attempt at Blasthorn. His deck was very good. Major thanks to @alplod :crown:

But because I must derail everything with questionable add-ons, here is a perverted list hosting both Thunderhorn and Deceptib0t blasting.

The crowd screams: “This lacks focus!”

Well yes. But it’s fairly consistent as far as I can tell. Both the Thunderhorn or Deceptib0t combos play the same, just give them Blast and try to get multiple procs against the enemies.

I chose to have a mix of Blood of Air and Sandswirl Reader, because the first provides reach and the second board presence (something I feel I need to allow enemy forces buildup up to a point).

Warning: The following is buggy, when you only have 1 Metaltooth and 1 S.I.L.V.E.R. in the deck, they don’t multi-spawn!

I chose to have only 2 Mechs spawn out of Deceptib0t, to maximize my chances to deliver a Blast Rush (Flying?) squad out of this combo. Also, it helps with the deck flow if there aren’t too many “payload” mechs to replace out of your hand.

I know @cookedpoo and @cloudfrog played Deceptiblast recently, I would be very happy to hear from you guys. Or any other friends for that matter. :slight_smile:


It looks pretty nice. It’s not my preferred tooth-bot-silver ratio, but it shouldn’t really matter(it’s preference after all).
if you do double down on the mech suite, I strongly suggest including ghoulie. It benefits from silver but isn’t tutored by deceptibot. mix that with the vetruvian golem suite, and you’ve got a card with hyper-synergy :smiley:


Ghoulie for the win!

Thanks for pointing that out, I may try it myself someday.

Thx for mentioning me, @bepoest :kissing_heart:

And I don’t think your deck lacks focus, btw.


I would highly reccomend a repulsor beast in there somewhere, he is so good for setting up horn/bot combos


This is the current deck that I’m running, which actually brought me to Diamond yesterday (its incredibly good imo)

All thanks to @alplod for showing this deck to me while I was watching some of his replays, and I decided to put my own twist on it with deceptib0t as opposed to tahr and purgatos

Ghost Lynx/Recombobulus are really great in punshing positionings for LITD/a kinematic THorn/deceptib0t, and have won me games with their RNG. Opponent places their unit just out of range of your blast THorn? Ghost the THorn and punish them for it.

Your list is a lot more midrange than mine, and will have a much better consistency and winrate.


Ghost Lynx on diamond
This is a dream come true
I used to meme a lot with this dude on neutral commons only friendly matches back when I first joined the forums
good times


Hehe, I’ve been mentioned here more than I ever was in Abyssian or Hai thread. What am I, a Vet main now? :rofl:


Apparently you’re good enough to make super solid decks on the first attempt, and influential enough to get everyone to play them. :slight_smile:

Now just whip out the Abyssian anti-blasthorn deck I know you’ve been brewing from the beginning to wrap up your evil plan and twirl your moustache.