The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


True, guess I should work on crafting one


These are two lists I’m currently playing. The first list can easily swap out Sajj, for Ciphyron. It’s a bit of aggro, with some control.

This list is just fun. Control the early-mid game. 9-mana turn = spinecleaver + frenzy. Unless you can get Zephyr to stick earlier. It’s a lot of fun to play. No one expects this style of deck. Swarm is the only difficult match-up I’ve faced.


Swarm is the only difficult match-up I’ve faced.

but wouldn’t swarm be easy to fight against considering u have frenzy and skorn?


Not when you don’t draw them. 2 Zephyr. 3 Skorn. That’s two, 4-mana(one only if you have positioning +BBS available) solutions.
Zephyr can be played around, after the first one drops. Most don’t expect it to be played. Skorn, of course, hits everything. It’s great against Abyssian. Brome… needs a Thunderhorn answer. Most Brome players position where you can’t wade into the middle of their pack.

It’s a really fun deck. It’s not going to have stellar win rates. I’m at a 50% winrate, as of this posting.
Any super aggro, or spell-based deck, gives it trouble.


yep kinda sucks when ur not drawing them totally agree, and i see u have 2 nosh, i always consider running 1 copy of stars fury whenever i want a nosh in my deck, but thats just my playstyle.


Hey, guys!

I got a Vet quest today and built this deck:

Even got some wins with it. 2-2 in S.

Any suggestions? I’m really bad at Vet, btw.


I would reccomend not playing mechs, but if you want to play with the archetype then I don’t really know how to help as it is not something I have played. however I do think that your early game is weak, the obelysk seems out of place and that inner oasis is a great card for this kind of thing.


Well, that’s a point.


Thanks for carrying the meme :slight_smile:



Can’t help with mechs. With Vet there is good amount of early game synergy using Dervishs, Golems or Obelysks.

I climbed up ranked with a Dervish/DW hybrid type of deck. Went something like 14-1. But I haven’t played in the last 10 days or so. Its still under experimentation and I also have a Golem/DW verison but haven’t played it yet. Might try that for July’s season.


Especially since Sajj can do better using an actual artifact rather than a turn based minion (which can also fall prey to sandsw and BoA)