The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Guys, this thread is becoming a giant feedback about new vetruvian cards,
It’s been asked to make this a Vetruvian thread instead of a General one

I myself don’t really know what to do,
while i think this thread is going to fit nicely under General as it take a closer look to the Vetruvian faction and can be useful to all kinds of player, this could be also the best reason to put it under Vetruvian.


I aggree to make it a vetruvian one seeing that all contributors will most likely be assisting with the community deck or sharing vetruvian based thoughts


Edited to be THE Vetruvian post it is (in the end i convinced myself).

I see a lot of sajj deck around here,
but i play zirix so i’m posting my decklist here.
You’ll probably be amazed/disappointed.

Well, i warned you.

Some thoughts:

  • Autarch’s gift works godly, it saves a lot of plays against aggro oriented decks (that includes lilith but idk, maybe they were testing the expansion’s cards) and solo-vaaths.

  • I did a version with zephir, he really loses a lot of potential with zirix…

  • stars fury is one of my favourite cards, i just love it, it can be anything (from hard removal to finisher) and usually with this deck is easy enough to get the opponent on low healt, the problem os that often if they want to run away, they can do it easily and star’s fury helps (if not ending the game, removing the enemy board).

  • why did you put only 2 duncaster? Well, on previous versions i used to put 3 dunecasters, 3 whisper of the sands and 2 entropic decay.
    After some plays i swapped one whisper with a entropic decay to get more hard counter.
    In the end, i swapped one duncaster to put in the third whisper again. I’m pretty happy now maybe i’ll change one day.

  • saberspines, i know rasha’s better under certain aspects, BUT saberspines allow me to get a body on board after abusing of its range, it doesn’t get completely useless against nightwatchers and it permits a 4 dmg play the first turn playing as 2nd with first wish leaving a 4/1 (and if the opp didn’t put minions it often becomes a 8 dmg play).
    Actually that play is good any time there’s a empty board.

  • only 2 aymaras? I have only 2 :3
    Not planing on crafting them anytime soon tho.

I’m actually rank 5, planning to remain here and grind golds to catch a wild nosh rak.

Feel free to share some thoughts on my deck.


In my opinion this deck looks scary strong but i would say to drop:
Entropic Decay x1
Empheral Shroud x3

Dunecaster x1 i know ur not really sure about it but its usually really good
Lightbender x3 (great against cass and usually more useful than empheral in my opinion)


Note about Autarch’s Gifts:

It CANNOT give two copies of the same artifact (eg, it can’t give two wildfire ankhs)
It CAN give copies of artifacts that you already have equipped (eg, it can give you another wildfire ankh if you already have one equipped before casting it)


I think Austarch’s gift is quite a good addition. It functions as a late game control card, worst cars scenario you’ll get a staff of ykir, you can still bbs for 8 damage with sajj. And if you can get even an ankh, spinecleaver or hexblade, it’s even better.

And I feel that circle might be too slow because when I need an aoe, it’s usually in the early mistake, not when I need to remove something like meltdown. Because if meltdown does come down on an empty board, the damage is done and you’re spending an entire turn to kill it. If you have board but meltdown comes down, you might have to sacrifice your entire board with your minions of with circle.


When I was a newbie, I got amazed by how beautiful their design is. And the theme, desert-ish utopian superior beings with a bit of mystery around then.

And their mechanics, oh boy, blast, time manipulation(time maelstrom). And back then they were THE CONTROL faction which made me like them even more, being a control player myself.

Also they just look like a royal imperial, the feeling of crushing all the other factions to subjugation. And have I mentioned the design? Yeah all their stuff looks good or decent at worst.


Which means there really is no bad case. You’ll always get something decent out of it. The least cue would be staff and ankh and even then 4 damage blast isn’t terrible.


I main vet because of the obelysks. I just liked them, they were cool cards with cool effects. Once I got to learn about vet I fell in love with pax and nimbus. After I started playing them, aymara conquered me.
I play structure vet and I’m gonna post a list later


Back then i mained songhai so i would actually tremble in fear (not literally of course :smile: ) whenever i had to fight a vetruvian player because of thirdwish and maelstorm. But then i realised when i saw Allomancer that vetruvian was awesome.


Ahh a fellow Nimbus connoisseur. Just remember the fabled words (Battlepet and Shadowcreep) these two are why nimbus stays relevant and gets instant value.


I see people posting why they use Vets, I post why I use vets.

Vetruvian was kinda the reason I started Duelyst in the first place. I saw a CFV youtuber I follow playing Vets, noticed that they look and feel really close to Pre-Stride Link Joker (shoutout to my fellow weebs who understand any of that), fell in love.


Let’s help for the vet come back. Here is my current OTK sajj deck:

As I see a lot of spell in this meta I try to find some spell based deck with “abjudicator”.


Try a version whitout bone swarms and put the third pax and the third aurora’s tears,
And i’d put a third ankh swapping it with the wildfire.

this seems to be already good against swarm decks with zephir, star’s fury, wildfire and desiccation, this is why i would drop it.

Is it working good without entropic decays and shrouds? Sunsteel defenders may be a nightmare against this list.

Really like this deck tho, abjudicator does her job :3.


Circle is a good card, it’s useful in late game after you’ve all the artifacts on sajj to attack your opponent, being pretty sure they will not destroy them on the next turn, moreover when some decks see their general on trouble the usual reaction is to spam minion to protect it, circle put them in an awful condition as they used up almost every card in their hand and they must still deal with the deathray sajj who’s spamming damage on their general. (But i wouldn’t put more than 2 circles on a deck, usually one is good enough as it doesn’t work well against some decks like solo-vaath or lyonar in general)

With zirix is just a late game control card, and it’s not really needed in my experience, if you already have a good board full of obelisks you can easily clean the enemy minions and/or do some good face damage without worrying to much (whiper of the sands helps a lot), if you don’t have a board the enemy has almost already won and circle doesn’t save you, as you won’t have instant value in the next turn thus allowing the opp to set a new board while you need at least one more turn to play enough minion to let them stick on board.


That’s kind of the thing, I main midrange sajj, it doesn’t help if any version of vetruvian lost the board late game because you’re mostly likely gonna get burster down anyways.

Artifact sajj might find better use with it, but the problem Stoll persists where if you don’t have a blast artifact, it’s essentially a dead card.

Right now with meltdown, it might be an extremely bad idea to board clear them. Maybe if it’s an 8mana destroy all enemy minions it will actually be amazing. But I think that’s abit broken hahahaha


Well, i don’t think meltdown will see a lot of play in the next months, imo most players use him just to try it now, but i don’t think it will become a staple or a must have in any faction. (He will still see play in lower ranks tho, as the new expansion is very new-players friendly and will probably become part of a lot of budget decks imo)

And, can you post your decklist? Actually mid sajj is one of the decks i want to try (and one that has not been posted in here yet), i know it can be slightly worse than the other ones and maybe with some of the new card it can become a better one.

fading let us seeee


I haven’t tried midrange sajj after the expansion. I did tried after siphon nerf, and it was the worst experience ever. Losing to things that had no counterpart, it was like rock, paper, scissors. Couldn’t answer stuff like kelaino, four winds, rot9m, bloodmoon etc. I can post the deck list if you want, just note that it’s not that good because it doesn’t have good answers to ranged threats.

I tried rashas, tigers, conduits, ankh and even silhouette tracers. Most efficient ones are tigers, sunset paragon and conduit. And with tigers I slotted in second wish long with sojourner for draw and dioltas as 4drops for the synergy.


I played a lot of Midrange Sajj too, but I didn’t feel Siphon’s Nerf hurt Sajj that much compared to Zirix. I mostly was able to answer most threats with Ankh, Tracer and Ethereal shroud. The main issue I was having was Reva is a near instalose because I can’t maintain artifacts through all her ping and burst.


We are here to improve, maybe really it is a dead end, but who knows.

If you don’t want to put the decklist it’s perfectly ok tho, we are not here to push each other :slight_smile: