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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


i found the replay of superior mirage on hulk, ill upload it to youtube


Slash fiction at its finest. :joy:


Here it is, just don’t try seriously climbing with it:

The reason most people get salty from fighting this is that It can sometimes pull 20+ damage out of hand in the lategame, usually done when you are completely surrounded.


That’s going into my “other people saying something I say often” folder.


Has anyone tested thunderhorn + kinematic projection? Is it a viable or just a waste of deck space?


It’s totes viable and if I’m not mistaken, triggers thunderhorn’s effect multiple times if it hits multiple targets.


You are not, that’s what happens.


I have tested it to quite a bit of sucess, an 80% win rate in s and went 7-6 in the latest duelyst melee (it’s not vaath levels of good, but it works). Here is what I use if you are interested

I need some Zirix Decks

WHen you set out the obelysks, the key is to have your opponent waste resources putting your plans on hold… If they can’t, they either need to win outright (Songhai is good for that) or risk losing in the next two turns because you have tempo killers in hand.


Correct, although quite rare to pulled off.
Maybe need more repulsor/recombobulus on my deck :smiley:


Like other people said, it’s pretty good. If you’re a pretty unlucky guy like me who runs into cassyva and vaath way too often though, I’ll have to say pass.


Seeing as i’ve been shut down by the entropic/BoA pair before that’s pretty smart. How’s the build ob doing for you? I can’t imagine that it’s very useful since it seems more of a win more rather than a win just in time card


The deck is doing ok… But I’ve been busy. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll get back to it


Are you happy now, you fucking overpowered sand people?


I’m not, i sincerely hope they nerf something in the near future…

Mostly lost in the desert and thunderhorn


Vet is not overpowered. Lost in the desert is not overpowered.

Again, the problem is thunderhorn. The problem is not aspect of the shimzar, is not lost in the desert, is not assassination protocol, the problem is thunderhorn. Stop crying about the wrong cards.

And since every faction, asside from magmar (who already have powerful cards), has Access to something to combo with it, every faction has ways of being overpowered.

Side note: I wonder how people would react if thunderhorn made people play into glacier fissure


My only problem with Lost in the desert is that it does damage to the general, which I’ve mentioned in a different topic. But I believe that any spell card that can do damage to the general should really kept a close eye on, because doing damage straight from the hand is often not fun to play against. So making any card that can possibly do a large amount of damage by itself, can be a problem card. My only change would be wording it to deal damage to enemy minions.

I think in Vet’s case with Lost in the Desert its not just Thunderhorn, but also things that can move other minions around like Recombobulus and Repuslor Beast, steal things with Psychic Conduct (and Blindscorch/Equality Constraint if needed to lower the attack value), plus transformational spell with Blood of Air, that can all be possibly played on the same turn with Lost in the Desert. Which is likely to wipe most boards along with the damage to the general is a bit much.

I see what you’re trying to say, but the differences between Glacier Fissure and Lost in the desert are a bit far apart for the comparison to really work. Since Glacier Fissure can only work on 5 specific spaces/tiles (whereas Lost can in theory work anywhere on the board) and the damage it deals is mirrored so it can effect yourself and the opponent (whereas Lost only works on the opponent).

TL;DR version: My only problem is damage also hits the general and I would possibly change it to just minions. Lost works in combination with more than just Thunderhorn. Glacier Fissure isn’t a great comparison to Lost, but I understand what you are saying and trying to go with that.


My problem with lost in the desert is vetruvian is starting to share some similarities with the (ex) magmar “perfect suite” of removals

I agree is not out of hand like magmar was, but it’s dangerous (especially accounting for lazerz thunderhorn and star’s positioning “limiters”)


It’s easier to adapt to, tho.

You have to remove thunderhorn. If you don’t let thunderhorn stick, the deck can’t do much.


Players will adapt, but is the card really ok in the faction context?
As it is now you can’t reliably counter lost, stars and portable laser, it becomes a coinflip and i don’t like using it