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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Neurotic Sajj ; An Artifact-build Sajj that uses no artifacts ?
[Theorycraft] Is there any hope for ArtiSajj? ?
Looking for decks ?


I’ve tried many times to make a viable arti Sajj deck and always failed. The closest thing to being viable I ever made was a toxic OTK deck which brought me more salty friend invitations than I received in my entire history of playing Duelyst, even though the deck itself isn’t that good :cry:.


Reminds me of the time I copied a guy’s meltdown and killed him with it

It was beck when meltdown did more than 6 dam


I’m the slowest person ever. I just realized Obelysks are practically immune to rebuke.
got two questions:
Are Obelysk decks good right now?
Are Ethereal Obelysks decent 2-drops for non-Obelysk decks?


Be careful tho,
They don’t work against plasma and are free healt for lavaslashers!


Good: Yes!

Meta: No


Thanks for the warning. I think I can handle lavaslashers just alright though. besides, tanking 6+ damage with a 2-drop sounds like value to me.


No it doesn’t because it is free damage. While it might be cool to have something that baits the opponent’s attention, if your opponent enough board to clear it out before spawning any dervishes, you just got no value whatsoever. His board is the same, it just bought you a turn


Kind of, but you don’t want to spend your 5-6 mana turns putting down the cheap obelisks you’ll need for a combo later…


Magmar has Plasma Storm, which will kill all Obelysks in one go. If Magmar players run anything like my own deck, then its likely to have both Rebuke and Plasma Storm. You probably can’t run them in Diamond where the meta dominates the scene there.

Use to be, however with Pax and neutrals its not really needed. But still can be used.


Is there any chance you can post your decklist for this? It would be good to see what got people so salty :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on an obelisk deck, which has just taken me up to gold, but I’m finding that vet obelisks are so easily countered at this level. I’d ideally like to stick with the obelisks for the moment, so has anyone got any suggestions for this deck?

I seem to have too many 2/3 drops, and have nothing hard hitting for mid/late game, so if I don’t get a in a few good obelisk drops and significantly damage their general in the first 4/5 turns, then I have nothing to fall back on.

Btw when I get more spirit I’ll craft another two Star’s fury.


It was designed by (or in honor of) the Penny Arcade guys, so probably.


This is my Fun Vet deck at the moment. I am far from a Vetruvian main, but I really like the power of the new cards, which are the true winner of hearts in the positioning game of this new expansion (Besides Betrayal).

I won several times with it in S-rank even with this fun approach. Komodo hunter is really nice tech against the minion-less archetypes that show up here. Good luck with the lineup gamble. (Thunderhorn likes to play it so much, I cant even when he twinkles with his puppy eyes)


I disagree, from my humble experience, I do my 10ish match a day and my “Purelysk” deck is the most successful one so far.

Deck : Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck?
Game samples :
Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck?
Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck?

Currently testing Gust and Simulacra, and always keeping Fault as major/usual wincon.


how do you have time for that


I don’t have exams, money issues or drug/sex to discover.


im still disappointed that sarlac got the pax skin instead of pax


With Magmar as prevalent as it is? No. No they are not


The way people are complaining about Magmar, I just assumed Plasma Storm would be too much of a problem along with Natural Selection in Diamond for Obelysk decks to do well.