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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


wait wait, can you attack gate mirages? i mean, it’s invulnerable and all.


I’m always against 1 of’s, simply because its pretty easy to never draw it in time, even if you start searching/replacing from the start of a game. 2 of’s is a better idea, but it depends what cards you want to copy, is it worth trying to copy them and is it worth removing other cards out of a deck for it. Probably be a lot of fun to mess around with in any case.


too many juggernauts in my games lately. 2 it is.


Casting a spell isn’t attacking :stuck_out_tongue:
(at least Superior Mirage works on Gates :wink: )



build minions are coded as having semi rush, (meaning they dont count for abhorrent but they are active on the turn they are built) which means you can superior mirage a biomimetic hulk for lethal, 3 10 attack bodies to smack with

I run 2 superior mirages for this reason

doing it on drogon means 16 attack general,

prominence gets you 3 silverguards, scintilla gives you 9 health, whiplash does 9 damage, armada can clear a board


And there are still people hesitating with this magnificent spell :wink:


aww, i thought invulnerable was panddo-effect+spell immunity :frowning:

at least I can use the gate to spam thunderhorn and frenzy! wait a minute that’ll kill me faster nvm.


revenants/makantors are also fun steals,


As already pointed several times, last one here : Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck? :wink:


so that’s why some magmar players kill off their own makantors!


yeah occasionally people play around mirage


I don’t think that’s true, the reason why build minions are activated upon transformation is because that’s how transformations work. Same reason as to why Reflection Seraphim works well with walls. Minions transformed remain activated. So superior Mirage wouldn’t give 3 rush minions from a build minion.


It does though, I have a replay of me killing someone with 3 hulks


What is going on with this games coding


can we see that?


yeah sure if i find it


I saw this in the reddit bug thread too(no replies if this is intended yet tho). That’s pretty crazy.


Was pax named after the event?


Anyone got an art Sajj list working? I know it likely will never happen, but there’s a lot of artifacts in vet now that help buffer Sajj.


Damn, all i’ve got are spinecleaver decks :joy: