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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


Craft 3x firestorm obelysk it summons saberspine tigers every turn.

And I shall lurk again


Have you ever really lurked?


Hey! Lurking and only interacting with the people here every eight days or so is my job!

Shit, I’ve revealed myself. See you guys in December, I guess.

On topic though, What’s better: building entirely around stealing with ciphyron or just run a decent amount of more stealy stuff beside a more reliable archetype?


I only lurk in this thread as i don’t have too much of an interest in Vet.


Don’t ever let me catch you in these parts again kid.


Here’s a bit a twist to an obelysk deck I’m reworking…


So…what’s the twist? Is it the slow, (and arguably) unviable simulacra? The gust? The fact that you’re running entropic decay and blood of air at the same time?

What is it man?!


the circles and inherent brickiness


Funny you’ve said that. It’s working decently at the moment. It’s meant to be a midrange killer than early beats.


So how’s that accomplished? You seem to have a lot of control (looking at the BoA and Entropic) for a mid-range which usually have a stars fury or so teched in for a 6-7 mana turn sweep combo’d with fireblaze.


I realize this isn’t a ground-breaker, but it’s doing pretty well. Can I get some input?

Pax for Mirage? Or for Aymara? The quadruple threat removal package is fantastic. Gust is awesome. The deck is consistent, as this sort of list is.

Guess I’m just wondering if Zirix is doing things that are too much different from this or not.


Mirage, definitely :slight_smile:
Discussed earlier here : Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck?


Right. I’d replace LitD instead of pax tho


The reason that I haven’t is I just don’t see as many juicy targets for it.



Lost is INSANE with Bones and Thunderhorn. Is this a common opinion of Lost (assuming that you don’t think it’s very good, plainly)?


I know it is, people just learned to play around it with me. I love the card, it just hasn’t performed for me


do you guys know the feel of superior mirage on a prominence, then you have 3 silverguard knights blocking your opponent from clearing mirages?


As you have TWENTY 2 drops, i’m surprised that you don’t have divine spark


I had the most lit idea.
Gates tech. (build too i guess)
Mirage master.
okay somebody probably thought of it already. but still. I think it’s pretty hilarious.

That said, you guys think it’s a good idea to bring one-offs of this fella?


I haven’t tested this one exactly, but I did a Superior Mirage on a Gate and it was fun :slight_smile: