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The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread


that’s what I thought, so not worth it without?


Lost in the desert + thunderhorn is this games soon to be most complained combo imo. Made a sabotage Ciph deck incorporating it and it’s stupidly powerful. There is no way to play around it. Your opponent can only chose how to get fucked up. 4 damage from thunderhorn or 6 from lost. Just imagine when playing INTO thunderhorn is actually the right play. The fact that desert also goes face is nuts, even if it was just minions the card would still be strong.


Mind posting the list? I’m looking for inspiration for a “death and taxes” in duelyst and ciph seems best for it.


So, is this thing garbage? I tried and tried but the god damn thing wouldn’t work. Just waaaaaay too slow.



I’ve only played against it, but its too slow from what I’ve seen. Build it in the back it gets nothing done, build it at the front its easy to take down. Maybe my opponents were just bad at using it, but I’m heading towards the card itself being bad/too slow.


and it was so hyped up too, It’s pretty disappointing that it’s bad. I really like the effect. But of course, anything that’s mildly interesting is too slow to be played.


I’m currently testing this list in low Diamond, and it’s actually pretty great. Cypheron’s lategame is undeniably powerful, with the ability to steal multiple mid-ranged threats with Grapnel Paradigm. However, his earlygame options are a problem. I was testing different minion sets with Cypheron and found that Vetruvian does not have a not of good 2 drops, baring obelysks. However, obelysks don’t really go well with Cyph’s BBS, since they already take no damage from counterattacks. So then I tried Golems and was presently surprised.

Each golem piece fits really well into Cypheron’s gameplan. Dreamshaper is good card draw, and makes the other golems relevant in the lategame, Metallurgist is slightly unfair, which every deck needs to keep up, and Celebrant helps you ramp towards your payoff. Sirrocco is great in that it is a proactive lategame play, which complements how slow Aymara is and the fact that Grapnel requires targets to be useful.

Bloodbound Mentor is insane in Cypheron. Owl 2.0 gives you the ability to save BBS procs for large Grapnel turns, or disable something with up to 4 attack, or even more if you stockpiles BBS. This way, I can completely shut down most singular threats for relatively cheap.

Kinematic Projection + Thunderhorn doesn’t seem to work too well, though. I still haven’t gotten a large chain lightning blast. I’ll probably swap out projection for Rasha’s and Thunderhorn for another 4 or 5 drop. I actually quite like Simulacrum Obelysk. positioned correctly, this can be a constant thorn in the opponent’s side. I originally had Falcius in there, but I felt I had enough direct board interactions and just needed a few snowball cards. Feel free to sub it out for Falcius or Skyppy.

other options:

  • EMP: Pretty nifty card, but I don’t want to play something so anti-fun so close to the expansion release
  • Zen’rui: Honestly, Cypheron’s Steal is so strong that I’m starting to consider inferior Grapnel just to get more triggers of it
  • Falcius / Skyppy: Just a personal preference, I chose the obelysk since it’s better at snowballing
  • Lost in the desert / Star’s Fury: I’m tempted, but not sure what to sub out

T LDR: Golems + Cypheron = pretty good
Key cards: Grapnel, Bloodborn Mentor, golem package, Blood of Air


I think I played against you earlier. There are lots of good ideas in this post; thanks a lot!


Guys, can you help me with the new vet spells? I don’t really know what to do with them except
a) insta-gib build structures
b) Razorcrag memes


I enjoy monolithic visions. Whether it’s a meme card or an op meme card, I love it.


Been messing around with Skyppy in my Dying Wish deck. Had a quick look through what he can get before adding him in.

Currently there are 18 Legendary Artifacts, I would class 9 of them good results (as in easy/good artifacts to use and costing 4 mana or less), 4 as ok results (artifacts costing for 4 mana or less but tricky for Vet to use to its full potential), 4 as bad or expensive results (artifacts costing 5+ mana) and 1 unusable aka Ghost Azalea.

Its obviously wasn’t going to be an amazing card but I do think its not a terrible card, and can work as filler as a budget card to some extent. Best artifact results come against Vanar, Vet and Abyssian as all 3 factions have 2 “good” results each. Lyonar tend to have “bad/expensive” artifacts, but powerful if you can be use them. Songhai ones tend to “ok” artifacts but hard to use things like backstab and the spell damage effectively. While Magmar is balanced between the good, the bad and the ok sides.


I thought these lists would run Blindscorch. Is Ciphyron’s BBS really enough to make Conduit and Grapnel useful?
Also surprised to see Kinematic Projection, but I guess I didnt really give it any thought yet


For only those two, it seems so. If you want to add a set of zenrui and go more all in on the steals it may be worth running some scorch.


^is this the version you are currently running? I want to get back to the Desert and try this dude out.


here a deck I tested this we, it is similar to the one baharoth posted :

I did some test with a control deck this we. Results was very good in diamond (i made it very easily to S-rank), but bad in S-rank. The reason is that in the S-rank the meta is 60% magmar (differents decks), and the matchup vs them is like 0%.
The idea of the deck is play back thunderhorn or deceptibot and use them with kinematic projection; lost in desert if they split in fear of thunderhorn and repulsor to set the lost in desert / thunderhorn.
Then in the late game use grapnel+mentor to control.

The deck worked really well vs all non-magmar decks.
But against magmar is impossible:
-the control version play few minion, all with opening gambit or rush, so they you control them, they already created value. Then when you start to be able to control, the cast sauron finality.
-the starthorn (usually with mechs) and the eggs version put too much pressure. It is difficult to remove all eggs (and one ripper egg can put 10 damage with the +2/+2…); and they usually play around both thunderhorn and lost in the desert by moving mobs in groups of 2

The deck here is an example, i did many experiment (the 2/1 with blast, the 1/5 that destroy all minions the turn after, the spell that take control of a small minion of one turn, the one that reduce the attack to 0, the arcanist 3/3 that dispel…)

I later switch back to my old zirix aggro updated with gust (with wich I was stucked in diamond), and i got better results


Hi guys I recently learned about sandswirl reader. Is he good for golem vet? I tried swapping out blood of air for it and the 3/4 body + exhuming sand often feels better momentum-wise.

I think it’s partially due to me having Kinematic Projection: if the enemy is so far that I can’t reach it with my golem swarm, extended by swirl’s reach, it’s most likely a squishy that can be killed with 2-4 blast damage.


That’s not the art for reader :laughing:

Reader is nice but has fallen out of favor and even before I wouldn’t cut BoA for anything ever


How’s this after a couple more days of meta development?


This is the Grinder Ciph list I have been running. Overall its a pretty fun deck and it has only one bad match up from my experience, that being Shidai Mantra list. Anyway all you have to do to play the deck well is be conservative with your health total and be conservative with your cards. It’s often not worth it playing falcius turn 1 for the body or any card that had the potential for either gaining you health or value. Thunderhorn is there so that your entire hand will not filled with reactive cards and it combos very well with lost in the dessert. Anyway if you want a fun deck that really rewards being a good pilot I would say to try it out and lemme know your thoughts. Ps. Aymara and Superior Mirage makes your Magmar matchups super easy. Emp also works well vs Vaath


Hey guys, I’ve started playing Duelyst this weekend. I saw some pretty nice decks from Vets in the S-Rank and decided I wanted to make one. Ofc those decks were loaded with epics and legendaries which are out of reach for me. So I’d like some advice on a budget deck.

The deck I want to build focus on close quarters aggression, similar to the artifact decks, w/o the artifacts… lol

This is what I came up with so far:

As I said, the deck is pretty agro and tries to make to most out of the no damage on own turn. I’m not sure how it would fair in the late game since I have 20 2 drops! lol Also plasma storm can kill my entire deck! =O

Lavastorm is in there for when I pin down enemy general with the swarm of minions. Maybe reduce to 2x?

A few things I’m not too sure about. Which General? Do I have enough removal? Not sure on Saberspine, keeping it for when I need that burst 3 dmg or for Scion’s wish combo, maybe swap with Dancing Blades? Not sure on 3 second wish. Not sure on 3 Iris. No +2 dmg art.

A few cards I have considered: Zephyr (with Sajj), Barren Shrike, Incinera (adds some late game and great mobility), thunderclap, silhouette tracker, sunsteel defender.

I know I would get a better feeling of the includes while playing but so far this is just an idea, id love to hear from you Vet’s before I start crafting.